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As should seem obvious after reading previous ChopCult features on Gasbox Customs in North Olmsted, Ohio, Jesse Bassett's talents for motorcycle crafting and metal fabricating go far beyond the man's youthful age. In few other Gasbox creations does this opinion ring more true than in Brett Scully's BSA.

We didn't get to meet Brett personally during our visit to Gasbox, but it's clear after straddling his Bassett-built Beeser that this Buckeye biker is one lucky cat. Actually, luck has nothing to do with it. To some discerning eyes, BSA motor styling represents the quintessence of 20th century art deco perfection. Coupled with Jesse Bassett's clever yet restrained customizing cues and fluid handcrafting, Brett's Beeser isn't merely a righteous ride; it might be the most beautiful BSA ever.

Anyone care to second that hyperbolic motion? 



Bike owner: Brett Scully

Builder: Jesse Bassett

Frame make and mods: 1965 BSA front section with David Bird hardtail

Fork: Highly modified BSA M-20 Girder

Engine: 1965 BSA Lightning with single carb head

Custom-fabbed bits: Gasbox handlebars, foot controls, exhaust, and fender strut. The gastank is a modified OIF Triumph and the fender is a Wassell

Front wheel: 21” Avon Speedmaster with stainless spokes and modified BSA Bantam hub

Rear wheel: 18” Coker with stainless spokes and BSA QD hub and brake

Paint by Jerry Koenigsmark

Seat by Jason’s custom upholstery

Thanks to Scully for giving me the project

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Commented on 10-24-2011 At 09:29 am

this scoot has great details, its on the same level with Falcon's Bullet Trump. IMO .

Commented on 10-24-2011 At 10:57 am

Beautiful. There is not one thing that is out of place.

Commented on 10-24-2011 At 12:04 pm

Stunning! Trump tight!

Commented on 10-24-2011 At 12:05 pm

...'tho that little headlight takes some getting used to.

Commented on 10-24-2011 At 12:12 pm

Great looking BSA., The end result of doing what you love doing shines thoughout this bike.

Commented on 10-24-2011 At 12:24 pm

On it's own level. Flawless.

Commented on 10-24-2011 At 12:27 pm

Great Style Jesse...

Commented on 10-24-2011 At 12:52 pm

Those levers are crazy!!!

Commented on 10-24-2011 At 03:08 pm

I was sold after seeing the view looking down on top of the tank/ bars. Boner!

Commented on 10-24-2011 At 05:39 pm

I have been thinking about what to say about this bike and the only thing I can really come up with is:

Fuck yeh!

Commented on 10-24-2011 At 05:48 pm

Super nice. . I now want to build a metric twin.

Commented on 10-24-2011 At 07:50 pm

Awesome just pure awesome

Commented on 10-25-2011 At 07:24 am

Very well done, Is NorHo the new SoCal ??.....hahaha

Commented on 10-25-2011 At 08:46 am

Very nice BSA!! I'd ride this bike every day out here in sunny cali!!

Commented on 10-25-2011 At 09:57 am

Quite possibly the most beautiful beezer I've ever seen

Commented on 10-25-2011 At 04:40 pm

really nice

Commented on 10-26-2011 At 05:02 am

very classic bike, love all that was done with it!

Commented on 11-6-2011 At 04:02 pm

Very very beautiful scoot. I don't get the lights though.

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