Scott Shroyer's Yamaha XS650


Until California budget cuts finally caught up with their program, about a dozen first- and second-year machine-school students I know used to meet at San Diego City College on Thursday nights to work on personal projects.

One of these eager beavers is my friend Scott Shroyer. This XS650 is his school project-in-progress. If you want to learn how to build a fun bike on a budget, class is now in session.


Owner/builder: Scott Shroyer

Motor size, year, make, model: 1978 Yamaha XS650 with theee-over pistons and single-point ignition conversion

Frame manufacturer: I got the hard tail from Black Widow Choppers years ago. That guy sucks. I'll just leave it at that

Front tire size, hub style, rim: 100/90-19 Maxxis Classic tire with a polished and relaced stock hub and rim

Rear tire size, hub style, rim: 120/90-18 Maxxis Classic tire; same wheel polish and relace treatment as the front

Custom-fabbed parts I made myself: I shaved and polished the fork tubes; custom pipes with NOS cocktail shakers; sissy bar and LED dune buggy light; machined axle spacers and brake linkage. I redid all the electrical: new stator and rotor and regulator/rectifier. There's not one old wire on the whole bike. I made the knurled stainless mid controls in SDCC shop class

Plans for my bike moving forward: I just finished the first version in March, so I'm still breaking it in and shaking it down. As soon as I get another 500 miles or so it's coming apart for paint and chrome. I'm going to make a taller sissy bar. I'm also covering a Biltwell solo seat with a Mexican blanket. I also picked up and O-ring chain and some proper axle tensioners from Lowbrow. A friend of mine is making a bitchin' case for the oil tank tool holder thing. When I can afford them I'll get some 34mm decked Mikuni carbs

People and companies who helped me with the build: Thanks to Biltwell for the bars, and the guys at Front Street Cycle for the ribbed fender. Also, thanks to my welder and drinking buddy Eric, and much thanks to Joel Smith for his positive attiude and sound advice. Thanks to Stan for letting me use your welder. I still owe you a new cut-off wheel. And last but not least, thanks to my dad for letting me keep this thing at his house for so long

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Commented on 5-19-2010 At 05:31 am

One of my neighbors just scored a rolling basket CB with pipes like this and chrome fenders. I'll have to pass this on to him for inspiration. Cool ride!

Commented on 5-19-2010 At 06:50 am

Beautiful bike, Found two Gs1000's for 350, a buddy bought them will have to pass this on so he can build one.

Commented on 5-19-2010 At 07:23 am

rad little scoot! i like the mohawk fender.

Commented on 5-19-2010 At 07:28 am

Too cool! Really nice job on the bike. What was the total invested?


Commented on 5-19-2010 At 08:13 am

Yeah Scott!

Commented on 5-19-2010 At 08:32 am

I think the spare tire hook thingys made into axle adjusters are great..

Commented on 5-19-2010 At 10:46 am

very cool Scott

Commented on 5-19-2010 At 12:22 pm

Screw paint and chrome. Spray it with WD40 and call it good. Very cool.

Commented on 5-19-2010 At 12:33 pm

thanks, i got mabye 1200-1300 total in it so far. and thats mostly wiring shit and the pistons and whatnot. shes cheap but shes a runner! baja bash here we come, viva mexico!!

Commented on 5-19-2010 At 01:29 pm

Cool bike on a small budget, love it.

Commented on 5-19-2010 At 01:40 pm

Outstanding Dude!!

Commented on 5-19-2010 At 03:26 pm

This is what it's all about, but we already know...

Commented on 5-19-2010 At 04:40 pm

good work man, cheapskate style!!!!

Commented on 5-19-2010 At 05:27 pm

very cool! and a slap in the face for stand arounds who say they want a bike BUT.........

Commented on 5-19-2010 At 05:39 pm

in the REALLY old days, guys with hotrods spent thier money on the engine and to hell with the looks outside of some cool rims or wheels. this bike ooozes COOL at its MOST!

Commented on 5-20-2010 At 06:41 am

Nice Job! Love the axle adjuster screws

Commented on 5-20-2010 At 08:57 am

Not bad for a Yami!

Commented on 5-22-2010 At 07:27 pm

mate I'm hanging to see this once you get a coat of paint on it! not that I mind the weather worn look, but It'll finish it right of with a bit of sparkle.

Commented on 5-23-2010 At 04:01 am

Did they kill the program? Awesome scoot Scott!

Commented on 5-23-2010 At 04:01 am

Did they kill the program? Awesome scoot Scott!

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 11:05 am

damn! you could fit another motor behind that motor. cool little whip though.

Commented on 6-8-2011 At 06:50 am

Hells to the yeah!

Commented on 7-27-2011 At 03:09 pm

great look not all bike's need to be clean to look cool

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