Scott Peck's Root Beer Float


I recently linked up with Scott "Big Scott" Peck and had the opportunity to shoot his killer Root Beer Float shovel built by Rhett Holley. We had talked, back and forth, following the world’s biggest mini bike race ever at last year’s War Run, about getting the bike behind the lens. After some planning, figuring out schedules, and a case or so of Modelo, everything lined up, and the results came out way better than I had expected.



I was asked, not long after the shoot, what my favorite part of the bike was. The lines in the tank or the vibrant color, the seat or the sissy bar, or any of the smaller details like the dished bolts that Rhett takes the time to add to his builds. But my response was a little simpler; it gets ridden. Not pushed on and off a trailer and ridden into a show, or once a week to a Bike Night, we’re talking daily; and if you know Big Scott, you know there’s “No Time” to take it easy. Too often you hear about bikes that are built to show or be talking points in people’s garages rather than pounding the pavement and providing the freedom from the norm. I can say for a fact, this is not one of those.



I’d like to give a huge shout out to Scott first and foremost; he has been a dominant driving force behind my photography, and I’m glad to call him a brother. Butcher Chop Rhett, you killed it on the build and gave me another awesome bike to shoot. Lisa and the team at Chopcult, all of this couldn’t be possible without you and the work that goes on behind the scenes. Keep your eyes open for details coming on the War Run III this year.- Austen


Photos by Austen Gant



Owner name, location: Scott Peck, Wilmington, NC

Builder: Rhett Holley, Dry Fork, VA (Butcher Chop)

Bike name: “Root Beer Float”



Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1975 Shovelhead, Evo intervals, Split rocker boxes

Frame: modified 1975 Shovelhead, hard tailed, rake (unknown)

Fork: 6” over Narrow Glide



Chassis mods: modified

Tire/wheel size and style: 21” front spool, 18” rear

Favorite thing about this bike: It was built by my best friend



Next modification will be: Nothing - wouldn't change a thing



Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: Handmade fuel tank, oil tank, sissy bar, foot controls, handlebars, and engine mount.



Click here for information for this year’s War Run happening on October 13th and tap here to register your mini bike now.


Austen / @gantman

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Commented on 8-27-2018 At 08:16 am

nice to see a build with high quality paint/finish,,attention to detail,,

Commented on 8-27-2018 At 01:25 pm

Sweet looking ride!

Commented on 8-27-2018 At 03:52 pm

Very nice indeed.

Commented on 9-3-2018 At 08:19 pm

Awesome work!

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