Ryan's Wicked Pan/Shovel Survivor


For a young guy, hell, for any guy, Ryan has an amazing collection of old motorcycles. Most are stylish and understated, but this one is outlandish wrapped in pure awesome. The bike bounced around the east coast swap meet circuit as a roller for a while with no interest until Ryan got wind of it and brought the old beast back to life.



Brief Specs:

1948 fl with 1966 Shovel heads, stroker motor 4.5 "stroke 3 5/8 bore with head work. It screams

Original 1953 wishbone frame

70's chopper twisted springer

Full mold job skull tank folk art goodness

18" star hub rear with crackled Avon drag tire. Front is a 17" spool with a crusty tire.

Next mods planned are working to seal the paint up better.


The Backstory:

First of all thanks to the late Ethan Allen Roberts, my good friend who passed away during the building of this bike. The '48 motor and trans were given to me by him while he was on his death bed battling cancer. This bike is dedicated to you AR! Thanks to Bacon with the help of the final assembly of the motor. Thanks to the chopper gods for laying this one on me. And also thanks to the Candyman who is Devilinas husband and lover.


The bike is a real 1% er bike from one of the big four clubs nuff said. Devilina is the sister of Satan and was put on this earth to raise hell. I have a old Atlas comic book with the tank graphic on the cover from 1974. It had a Panhead motor in it when it was built in new York in the early 70's. It was sold to a brother in Mass a few years after. Then eventually he was tired of it and pulled the motor and the chassis sat for a long while until I got it from my friend Johnny's uncle Mike in New Hampshire. Many people frowned on the frame and told me how ugly and stupid it was, well to all those people all I can say is ha-ha-ha. Thank you!

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Commented on 2-29-2012 At 06:20 am

I hear ya. nothing is more satisfying then bringing something from the past "Back To Life"!

Commented on 2-29-2012 At 06:36 am

I can't imagine a bike with more personality and class!!!

Commented on 2-29-2012 At 06:39 am

10 kinds of awesome

Commented on 2-29-2012 At 07:14 am

This bike rules, the wedding ruled and was way fun. and holy shit can this guy Ryan party at the strip club, ha,ha nuff said!

Commented on 2-29-2012 At 08:16 am

i cant believe that was kicking around mass and nh. wish i was the one who found it

Commented on 2-29-2012 At 08:29 am

The paint and everything reminds me of a REALLY old carnival ride. VERY COOL...

Commented on 2-29-2012 At 08:45 am

I love it! It's an inspiration to all things chopper.

Commented on 2-29-2012 At 08:56 am

Hell yeah! Wished someone had taken a pic of my Christine ridin along side Devilina on the way to the Love Cycle show....that was and epic morning ride!

Commented on 2-29-2012 At 09:01 am

What a great old chopper. I grew up seeing these bikes in movies and are forever imprinted in my mind as kool.Thanks for sharing what a great find.

Commented on 2-29-2012 At 09:35 am

The Bike is cool, but Ryan's a bad ass. So much fun watchin' him tear up and down the dirt alley behind the Rabbit Hole. I have a sick picture of Ryan kicking over the bike that looks like a ghost is escaping from the kicker.

Commented on 2-29-2012 At 09:59 am

AIIGHHHH!!!! I cant look at this bike without hearing Iron Maiden's "Run To The Hills" in my head!

This is the bike of a king!!!!! If I had it I'd get a pet boa constrictor and dress like Kurgan in "Highlander". Yeah, then you'd all see what's up!

Commented on 2-29-2012 At 10:47 am

Commented on 2-29-2012 At 11:03 am

you wernt kiding man that thing is a work of art forsure i love it

Commented on 2-29-2012 At 11:15 am

That bike did the best burnout at the rabbit hole. Thanks Ryan for fixing the tranny on Christine so i wouldnt have to push start eric anymore!

Commented on 2-29-2012 At 11:55 am

Saw you rolling down 2nd st in downtown last weekend on her with the biggest grin on your face... made me jealous a bit. Thing rules so hard!

Commented on 2-29-2012 At 02:42 pm

I am jealous... nuff said

Commented on 2-29-2012 At 02:50 pm


Commented on 2-29-2012 At 03:46 pm

Thanks for all the kind words guys and thanks to the biltwell team.

Commented on 2-29-2012 At 04:28 pm

Wow what a cool bike, you can feel the history in this thing through the pictures alone! Awesome!

Commented on 2-29-2012 At 05:30 pm

Keep it in the US!

Commented on 2-29-2012 At 05:33 pm

Let me know how that thing rides on a wet day.

Commented on 2-29-2012 At 07:55 pm

love that thing dude, sorry about your friend tho. its good to have good history and memories with a bike.

Commented on 2-29-2012 At 08:22 pm

fuckin perfect!!!

Commented on 2-29-2012 At 09:25 pm

She is a thing of beauty.

Commented on 3-1-2012 At 06:29 am

unreal epic host of awesome

Commented on 3-1-2012 At 08:21 pm

Love how the tank flows into the neck! I bet that front end bounces like crazy too haha

Commented on 3-4-2012 At 12:37 am

heal up quick Ryan, hopefully Devilina isn't done for.

Commented on 3-4-2012 At 10:23 am

Hope your feelin better man, keep your head up.

Commented on 3-9-2012 At 08:57 am

more soul than JB.

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