Ryan's Knucklehad and a Good Cause


Ryan, also the owner of Devilina has good taste in motorcycles and one outstanding collection to prove it. What could be sweeter than a knucklehead with chrome tanks? How 'bout surviving getting sideswiped by a foursome of assholes in a 'vette? I'd say that's pretty sweet.

Not long after we shot this feature, Ryan and his friend Austin were both clipped by what was described as "Four Arabs in a Corvette" and ended up with a broken tib/fib among other injuries. Yuck. It was on the Candy Man bike though—not this one. Our friend Shreddie went down in a separate incident around the same time. So, DicE magazine is throwing a little fundraiser shindig and it's tomorrow night. Here's the bike's story in Ryan's own words:

This bike was originally meant to be a stock 1940 EL but complications arose and a different '40 motor was bought and built for the stocker. This bike was built to be the sister bike to my 1950 panhead that has many of the same characteristics of this bike. The motor was acquired from 95-year-old guy named Clem five years ago in California and all the other parts came from friends and swap meets. I rebuilt the trans with all Andrews gears and Andrews main shaft etc. I will keep this bike until I die or a woman comes and steals my soul and sucks the life out of me, which will still be never.



Old Clem Specs

Motor: 1940 EL 61" knucklehead motor is restored to AMCA spec

Frame: 1940 early brazed knucklehead

Front end: 1940 stock Harley springer with stock brake drum; Stelling and Hellings angled risers and four aces Biltwell bars

Tins: chrome '51 panheadtanks from Terry the Tramp

Wheels: 18" and 21" star hub wheels

Details: My favorite thing is the cam cover and the tanks. This cam cover is a one year 1940 cover but very similar to a '51–'53 cam cover so I love the tank and cam cover combo. Silly I know, but you asked. The rest of the bike is loaded with silly stuff like a buffalo head nickel throttle adjuster, accessory lights, colored jewels etc.

Thanks: Negotiable Tim, Terry the Tramp, Bacon, Carl's Cycle and old Clem you grumpy bastard (R.I.P.)


Here's the flier for the DicE party tomorrow night. GO!


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Commented on 3-30-2012 At 05:58 am

Corvettes only have two seats...

Commented on 3-30-2012 At 06:58 am

Jesus...OK, so they were stacked Arabs.

Get well, mang! Love the knuckle...bastard.

Commented on 3-30-2012 At 08:07 am

man its tough to make a bike with that much chrome look good...and that thing looks soooo good!

Commented on 3-30-2012 At 08:21 am

(Yes there were four, yes there are only two seats in Corvettes.)

Commented on 3-30-2012 At 08:39 am

Arabs have lots of money, get that money and buy all the Knuckles in the US!

Commented on 3-30-2012 At 08:54 am

Get Well! Funny thing is about 3 years ago that happened to me on my Triumph and it was 2 arab guys and they took off as soon as they realized they hit me!

Commented on 3-30-2012 At 10:18 am

when traveling in the same direction it is required of muhomed to pack with great intensity as an example have you ever seen an empty seat on a train over there? I am convinced that a bare minimum of 4 arabs were in that vette and believe that as many as 20 could have been in and hanging on the sides of this vette. Get well man and love the knuck i need all the help gettin my 46 flh hummin again

Commented on 3-30-2012 At 10:29 am

hate the of the bike is the bullocks.

Commented on 3-30-2012 At 11:29 am

I forgot that every Arab is a devote jihadist. I'm so glad that chopcult reminded me.

Commented on 3-30-2012 At 11:43 am

What Mike said.

Commented on 3-30-2012 At 02:56 pm

Very nice. Speedy recovery.

Commented on 3-30-2012 At 04:30 pm

Why are we getting racial about this again?

Commented on 3-30-2012 At 06:02 pm

Alright, good point. Jihadist sounded like a funny insult in my head but just looked mean here. So, I changed it to assholes, which they were no matter where they are from.

Commented on 3-30-2012 At 07:55 pm

SOLD! Assholes, indeed.

Commented on 3-30-2012 At 08:54 pm

I bet if Ryan sold this knuck or the devilina or the candy man or one of the many other bikes in his garage he could pay the hospital bills. I can't be the only one who sees the irony in this.

The only thing this article proves is that it's cooler to look cool on "choppers" than sell your priced possessions to pay the bills. Where's the chop cult news article for the guy who just got his leg amputated from being in a motorcycle accident? I don't see a rallying cry for him or a benefit party.

I guess it's all about who your friends are.

Commented on 3-30-2012 At 08:58 pm

Irony noted...

Commented on 3-31-2012 At 06:52 am

Ball buster of the year award goes to... Motor Mike. I'll bet your a hoot at party's.

Commented on 3-31-2012 At 11:06 am

Awesome bill thank you guys so much for all the support!!! Guys I know motor mike brings valid points but quick to jump the gun as I am selling a knucklehead to raise funds to attempt to pay this. Just my ride to the hospital and one night there was over 15k.

Commented on 3-31-2012 At 11:48 am

fuck everbody!
Nice bike!

Commented on 3-31-2012 At 08:58 pm

what he said

Commented on 4-1-2012 At 07:03 am

motor mike is now my favorite guy in the world.
this guy ryan has all kinds of cool shit and every bike ive seen of his is minus an aircleaner {looks are everything who cares about dirt and rain}. so he couldnt have been going far when he got hit. sucks the one time he wanted to ride he got hit though.

Commented on 4-1-2012 At 08:13 am

You are my favorite . You dont need air cleaners/air in your tires/air in your face. when they ride in the back of a truck...

Commented on 4-1-2012 At 09:19 pm

Hahha I must be doing something right if i got haters !!! Keep jockin son.

Commented on 4-2-2012 At 10:13 am

Yeah,,,, Ryan, You should sell ALL your shit to pay $100's of thousands of dollars worth of bills, then when your 100% and ready to get another bike, just buy everything back. Its real easy to stack the collection you have, Knuckleheads, no big deal, Oh and Devilina's are EVERYWHERE.

Commented on 4-2-2012 At 10:58 am

Got to love the fucking loud mouths and clowns acting like he threw himself a party or is out soliciting your help personally. News flash idiots... It is about who your friends are! Whether they own magazines, bike shops, parts companies or are regular Joe's with day jobs wrenching in their garges on the weekends, you should hope that your friends stand up and do the same shit for you when you get tagged so that maybe, just maybe you can keep some of your prized possesions and personal shit you worked hard to get.

I don't really know Ryan but we drank beers together one night in mexico on EDR last year and I can tell you the dude is as cool as they come. And yeah the guy rode his 39 knuckle to mexico which took way more balls then I would ever have if I had that rig in my garage.

Fucking HATERS!!!

Commented on 4-2-2012 At 11:33 am

What the hell is a Knucklehead? Is that a type of Dyna?

Commented on 4-2-2012 At 11:33 am

What the hell is a Knucklehead? Is that a type of Dyna?

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