Rudehog's Deraked Panhead


If choppers are designed to freak out the squares, this one will send them running in horror. Eric Penrod's panhead is the kind of bike that many self-appointed experts on the Internet have said is unrideable, but they always have to eat their words when they see Eric bounce his ass down the freeway at 70 miles per hour.


Owner: Eric Penrod

Bike name: Christine

Location: Devil's Playground

Engine year and make, model, modifications: 1950 FL panhead stroked to 80 c.i. with T&O Torque Monster flywheels, 9-to-1 S&S pistons, Andrews F grind cam, M74 B Linkert, ratchet top 4-speed with jockey shift

Frame: old Paughco

Fork: Old unknown 8-over twisted springer 

Chassis mods: Stretched down tubes about 15 in and the backbone about 12; deraked the neck tube to 22 degrees. My bud Shannon Aikau of Aikaubuilt did all the welding at Count Customs, which is where I work part-time

Tire/wheel size and style: 16" rear with some chunky lookin' off-brand tire and a 21" Avon on a spool front wheel

Favorite thing about this bike: It's deraked, baby!

Next modification will be: Paint the tank (Black of course: Satan doesn't like any other color), headlight made out of a '67 GTO turn signal

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: Tank built by Hillbillies Wicked Choppa; it's a copy of an old AEE/Accu-weld Bat Wing tank. Upside-down Tomb Stone taillight. Seat, oil tank and various other parts all acquired in the classifieds on ChopCult

Thanks: Shannon Aikau; my Vegas Crew brothers; Swazi Mike's deraked Sporty for the inspiration

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Commented on 3-6-2012 At 06:09 pm

eric molested me

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