Rudehog's Deraked Panhead


If choppers are designed to freak out the squares, this one will send them running in horror. Eric Penrod's panhead is the kind of bike that many self-appointed experts on the Internet have said is unrideable, but they always have to eat their words when they see Eric bounce his ass down the freeway at 70 miles per hour.


Owner: Eric Penrod

Bike name: Christine

Location: Devil's Playground

Engine year and make, model, modifications: 1950 FL panhead stroked to 80 c.i. with T&O Torque Monster flywheels, 9-to-1 S&S pistons, Andrews F grind cam, M74 B Linkert, ratchet top 4-speed with jockey shift

Frame: old Paughco

Fork: Old unknown 8-over twisted springer 

Chassis mods: Stretched down tubes about 15 in and the backbone about 12; deraked the neck tube to 22 degrees. My bud Shannon Aikau of Aikaubuilt did all the welding at Count Customs, which is where I work part-time

Tire/wheel size and style: 16" rear with some chunky lookin' off-brand tire and a 21" Avon on a spool front wheel

Favorite thing about this bike: It's deraked, baby!

Next modification will be: Paint the tank (Black of course: Satan doesn't like any other color), headlight made out of a '67 GTO turn signal

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: Tank built by Hillbillies Wicked Choppa; it's a copy of an old AEE/Accu-weld Bat Wing tank. Upside-down Tomb Stone taillight. Seat, oil tank and various other parts all acquired in the classifieds on ChopCult

Thanks: Shannon Aikau; my Vegas Crew brothers; Swazi Mike's deraked Sporty for the inspiration

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Commented on 11-23-2011 At 06:16 am

Doooood! Eric rocks!

Commented on 11-23-2011 At 06:46 am

Whooooooo!!!! That is sweet.

Commented on 11-23-2011 At 06:54 am

Bike's not nearly as weird as its owner, but probably just as fun....
Homerun with this one, Eric. Congrats.

Commented on 11-23-2011 At 07:10 am


Commented on 11-23-2011 At 07:11 am


Commented on 11-23-2011 At 07:18 am

Man I gotta get down with some of those wheel caps!

Commented on 11-23-2011 At 07:39 am

Killer Derake! The cat brain got me...

Commented on 11-23-2011 At 08:03 am

I've been hoping for a feature on this bike, this is one of those features I read first (even though it was short I normally don't do that) then looked at the pics.

I think this bike is so well done because the designer knew the stance was going to be so knarley so he kept everything pretty simple on it...I think its a perfect example of a kick ass in your face chopper.

I also wanted to say to you CC guys who write these articles:

Even if you don't scope out a specific backdrop for a specific bike it always seems like you do...for some reason your backdrops add to the overal photo alot...maybe your just really good photographers and it doesn't matter where or when you shoot but it really cool either way.

Commented on 11-23-2011 At 08:27 am

that thing is favorite write up of the year

Commented on 11-23-2011 At 09:31 am

No love for the style. This bike proves it, because if you're gonna like ANY of them this would be the one.

Commented on 11-23-2011 At 09:59 am

Couldn't help noticing that the license plate is stickered for '02

Commented on 11-23-2011 At 10:47 am

The 02 on the sticker is for the month Feb. there is a 2012 on the edge you can't see.

Nice work Eric!

Commented on 11-23-2011 At 11:48 am

Derakes are the shit! Love this bike.

Commented on 11-23-2011 At 12:13 pm

Sik ride Rudehog! But I am still waiting to see the tramp stamp photo.

Commented on 11-23-2011 At 12:13 pm

Sik ride Rudehog! But I am still waiting to see the tramp stamp photo.

Commented on 11-23-2011 At 12:35 pm

nice ride, kevin...

Commented on 11-23-2011 At 12:43 pm

^^^^^^Thanks Slash!^^^^^^^

Thanks for all the good response and the ones that are not so sure!

Thx Bill & Josh!

Last but not least Thanks Satan, I hope you put my soul to good use............

Commented on 11-23-2011 At 01:24 pm

Eric, to this day I still don't get how you ride a deraked-foot clutch-jockey shift-rear foot brake-no front brake bike all the damn time, but I'm glad you do. Glad to see it on the road regularly now after knowing all the bullshit you went through to get it going with the motor problems. Now you can put the boots to good use

Commented on 11-23-2011 At 02:08 pm

Please leave me in your will I would like that motor.

Commented on 11-23-2011 At 02:15 pm

The first time I saw this bike live, I pissed my pants a little...

Commented on 11-23-2011 At 04:06 pm

Above are many positive comments that are justified, since the
craftsmanship is high. The bike is also interesting to look at, and does what all good bikes do: reflects the taste and vision of the owner. However, it does raise a question, one that I'm curious to hear the responses of from other members.

How is this different in spirit from the fat-tire, glam-bike explosion of the mid 2000's?

During the fat-tire years, rear wheels first went to 200 and looked great. They next went to 230 and 250 and were alright. They finally went to 300 and even 360, becoming ridiculous. They went beyond functional to overwhelmingly big, maybe to "freak the squares." Is this frame the same in idea? Is it stretched beyond the point of different to ridiculous? Again, I like the bike, but it does beg such questioning.

As a final note, I feel the need to print out the side shot of the bike and calculate the trail. As a scientist and engineer, I don't know how such a machine could do 70 MPH without wobble. The fact that it does is amazing. Eric must be some form a magician, bending the very laws of physics to do his bidding.

Commented on 11-23-2011 At 04:22 pm

"to this day I still don't get how you ride a deraked-foot clutch-jockey shift-rear foot brake-no front brake bike all the damn time,"

Eric rode the first Gypsy Run with stripped out risers and a set of 18" apehangers flopping back & forth!

He just gives it more gas and lets the gyro effect do its thing.

Rudehog Rules!

Commented on 11-23-2011 At 05:07 pm

WHY?????????????????????????????????? let me guess...hhhmmmmm they probed you and you liked it...

Commented on 11-23-2011 At 05:25 pm

Good questions KevMoore,

{How is this different in spirit from the fat-tire, glam-bike explosion of the mid 2000's?}

Maybe not different in spirit but different since I am not humping a trend, not that this has not been done before but it is a rare sight and if it does become a trend I will be the first to cut it up and gut it or just sell it.

I've been told that there were a lot of derakes done in the 70's but I have never seen any pics of extreme derakes, mostly just upstretched with a little derake.
The bike that inspired me I saw on the JJ back in 07, was Swazi Mikes rigid ironhead. That was and is the most "Outlaw" chop I have ever seen and just about every comment about it was total hate, it made me dig it just that much more! I ran into Mike on the EDR 07 and rode with him from San Felipe to Ensenada and he had no problem handling that bike on the shitty roads.. After that I knew I was gonna build something like it some day.

As far as wobble goes, it only shakes if you hit a hard dip or bump at freeway speeds, actually kind of a side to side "flex" due to the long springer but the pull back handle bars give a lot of leverage.


Commented on 11-23-2011 At 06:00 pm

Awesome. There is a YouTube video out there of a bunch of de-raked bikes rolling down the highway in Japan. Can't find it now. Maybe someone else can look it up.

Commented on 11-23-2011 At 06:32 pm

After seeing Eric have to sell his last bike I was really happy to see this one come together for him and in such a style that fits his personality so well. Ride on my brother!

Commented on 11-23-2011 At 07:16 pm

ya, this bike is hideous...hideously awesome!

Commented on 11-23-2011 At 08:49 pm

Fucking ghey - this is an outstanding image of real life Awesomeness of Stupidity, I love it so much I cant stand it.....You sir rock!

Commented on 11-23-2011 At 10:21 pm

Dude, that thing is insane.

Commented on 11-23-2011 At 11:00 pm

Wow, now that is weird! I'm not the biggest fan of derakes but I've seen a few that looked alright. This thing is just so extreme on the stretch that I see how people would think that it's not rideable. Honestly, it's not my style at all, but it may be the most "chopper" bike that I've seen in the last year or so, and for that, I can certainly appreciate it.

When was the last time that you saw a bike running down the road that looked like this? Yup, me neither.

Commented on 11-23-2011 At 11:39 pm

vegas crew knows how to party!!!!

Commented on 11-24-2011 At 12:03 am

That bike is gay. Only dudes with tramp stamps would ride that.

Commented on 11-24-2011 At 12:26 am

and yer always checkin my ass for one ....arent ya

Commented on 11-24-2011 At 12:28 am

Eric has a rad bike.

Eric has a bitchin' tramp stamp.

Eric gives manly hugs.

Eric is a superhero.

Commented on 11-24-2011 At 08:04 am

Now thats a funky Match enne!

Commented on 11-24-2011 At 08:20 am

Dr. Moore, as you know much of the "handling" magic in a 2-wheeled machine is derived from its trail: that distance between the vertical axis of the front axle perpendicular to the ground vs. the imaginary straight line drawn parallel through the frame head tube all the way to ground in front of aforementioned axle plumb line. if this number is 4-5 inches I'm told you're in business. what would you guess this machine's trail to be: 1.5-3 inches max? I too am fascinated by the social Implications of Rude's experiment.

Commented on 11-24-2011 At 10:26 am

This is the best bike write up yet! Best of the year by far. I love this thing. So many bikes get a fake rust paint job and a bottle opener mounted on it. Christine stands alone in originality. Good job sir!

Commented on 11-24-2011 At 10:47 am

That Bike is so awesome!

Commented on 11-24-2011 At 11:23 am

Nice build! Deffinitely different for sure.

Commented on 11-24-2011 At 05:45 pm

There is something beautiful about bombing down the road on something this out there.. As far as function, plenty of shit in the chopper world is a step back, and not functional. But looks great. And freaks people out. And starts discussions. I, personally, would rather have people either love or hate my bike, there is no point to having it be somewhere in the middle. Way to go Eric!

Commented on 11-24-2011 At 10:00 pm


Much love from Canada. Bike is tits and I hope it brings you as much joy as it did in it's first incarnation.

Commented on 11-25-2011 At 01:43 am

Who's nuts are those? I JUST saw em with my peepers and I was sure it was a VC boy.

Commented on 11-25-2011 At 08:12 pm

the chewed bubblegum was courtesy of none other than the Douche Larouche crew.

Commented on 11-27-2011 At 01:58 pm

saw this at the scr3/illusive unicorn- i was awestruck. glad to see a feature on it. this beast is amazing!

Commented on 11-29-2011 At 01:08 am

KevMoore if it was up too eric it would have been deraked more but i stopped there and yes it dances alittle but he rides the piss out of it and thats all that matters "I chrometer" at its finest

Commented on 11-29-2011 At 01:12 am

eric we need to take picks of super and christine together that should be great extrem opposits cant spell dam it

Commented on 11-29-2011 At 09:02 am

^^^^Oh Hell Yeah!^^^^

Commented on 11-30-2011 At 06:20 am

Nice sack!

Commented on 12-3-2011 At 08:39 pm

i dont like it i fuckin love it

Commented on 1-8-2012 At 11:54 am

I don't know what I think about it, can't figure out. It's for sure one of the most controversial bike out there.
I think the antechrist motormount sums it all, fuck you all I ride what I want when I want.

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