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Rob Galan or Rouser Rob as he's known in the chopper scene understands a thing or three about Harley's entry level cruiser. Marketing wizards and douche nozzles at Hooters would like you believe the MoCo's venerable XL is for first-timers and old ladies, and that's just fine with Rob. Pigeonholing like this keeps prices down on donor bikes, which is great for everyone.

Rob's The Fastest Loser 3.0 or TFL3 for short has been all over the place, both on blacktop and the information superhighway.

Rob builds and rides Sporties down in Corpitos, TX, and this is just one example of his inspired work. Rob's ramblings are a regular feature on the ChopCult BlogDump, and you can read Rob's wizard-chasing chronicles on his Rouserworks website.




Words from Rob:

99 buell m2, 1250 kit, dyna 2000i, cv carb, and h-pipes rule! 

They don't build them like they used too, in fact I don't think they even built this one.

39mm in CCE trees, dropped 2", heavy fork oil with 1oz extra in each tube.

Skid plate, magnet kickstand, and the needed chain tensioner that became a gimmick.

16" 4 spoke invaders wrapped in firestone re-pops, there's dyna beads in there too.

That it fully represents me in every way... a little chubby, always dirty, and loves ice cream

No more mods, well maybe a windshield.

A points cover that was made just for me, a gift of thanks and a sign of friendship.

35 days after my dad died, I got on this moto and crossed into mexico. My life changed and my moto was there to get me where I needed to be. Some have best friends, others have soul mates. I have this here motobike.









Click the above image for a big pic you can use as a desktop background. (Luv ya, Rob.)

Rob's ChopCult profile

Rob's website: Rouserworks

Photos by BFJosh



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Commented on 10-21-2010 At 11:37 am

sweet ride! amazing job!

Commented on 1-10-2011 At 12:04 pm

That bike is f@*ckin filthy!!! i love it.

Commented on 4-3-2011 At 02:44 pm

dig this bike..........

Commented on 8-24-2011 At 09:54 am

this is easily my favorite bike ever featured here. i love it.

Commented on 8-24-2011 At 02:06 pm

perfect bike

Commented on 8-24-2011 At 06:15 pm

Sporty's rule!

Commented on 8-6-2012 At 07:13 pm

aggressive stance on four spoke invaders makes this ride insane. headlight is tits too!

Commented on 8-6-2012 At 07:14 pm

aggressive stance on four spoke invaders makes this ride insane. headlight is tits too!

Commented on 11-22-2012 At 07:06 pm

That lean is unreal, this build makes me want invaders even more!

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