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To capture the true essence of Born-Free you have to walk the whole show. You can't just walk by the main stage, the featured builders corral, and the vendor’s booths. The grime, dirt and absolute freedom can be found in the never-ending rows of motorcycles and their riders: the real stars of Born-Free. Each of these riders has a story to tell about making the long journey to Southern California. For some it's another great ride with friends and others a first time experience of a lifetime Take a minute to look at the license plates and you’ll come to realize that every state and beyond is represented. These riders did everything right; they asked for the time off, planned their route and began their journey.


Born-Free & Chop Cult are teaming up to help you organize group rides to Born-Free 7 by using as the tool to get it done. We've created a thread in the main forum titled "Ride to Born-Free". This thread will help connect people in different areas who want to ride to Born-Free together. We will also be seeking help from ChopCult members that wish to offer their shops that can help with parts and services.


If you are planning on riding, let's borrow an example from The Brolex forum and apply it here. Just place (example) Riding to Born-Free from ATL, GA. in the title line. This can be done by clicking reply, then click Go Advance, and typing Riding to Born Free from ATL, GA in the title line. This will help you attain new friends along the way. If you would like to offer your shop or services just like in Hugh OwingsTravel Assistance thread, we would ask that you add the following to keep it simple:


THE BASICS: (Highlight your area in RED to make scrolling through that much easier...)


Name: Hugh

Location: Western NC / Asheville Area


Resources: MIG, TIG; Most Fabrication Tools; Metric and Standard Hand Tools; Small Truck / Sometimes an 8 Foot Trailer; Garage Workshop; Hot Dogs and Beer (Unless you drink all my beer, then I have none, haha)

Other: I usually have plenty of room for a nights stay, or until you get your bike running again. I also don't mind driving an hour or so in a time of need...


If you have ever crossed paths with Hugh, you know that everything listed above is true. Hell, he would probably give you the shirt off his back if needed.


You can also add ideal spots for camping, points of interest, etc. We’re not asking for endless promotion from any one business. We would like to see everyone promote themselves here. Just be sure to use the title line. The more information posted, the better the outcome for all! 


There is nothing better than seeing this beautiful country on a motorcycle. Head west to the Pacific Ocean and meet new people, party like crazy, ride your motorcycle and share this incredible experience with friends. Now is the time to get your bikes running, call your riding buddies, put in those vacation requests, and order your free roadside assistance BAM Benefit Card from our friends @ Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys.



Mikey Arnold and Mykie Rice were two of thousands who enjoyed the ride to Born-Free 6. Mikey Arnold brought his trusty camera and has graciously shared some of his imagery for you to enjoy!



For all things Born-Free: Website, Blog, Facebook and Instagram.



Have fun and enjoy the Ride to Born-Free!


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Commented on 2-13-2015 At 01:07 pm

fuck yes what to do this so bad

Commented on 2-13-2015 At 02:16 pm

What a great idea. The only bummer for me is that I can't make a cross country ride to the born free show. Don't feel bad for me though as I'll be there like I have been for each and every one of em. See, I live literally fifteen minutes away. I'll look just a s cool as all the rest of you hardcore guys coming through the canyon after riding thousands of miles . The only difference is my ass won't be chapped.
See you all there, I'll be the guy in the black t shirt.

Commented on 2-13-2015 At 10:15 pm

Those pics are fucking inspirational. I cant wait till I can finally make a cross country run.

Commented on 2-14-2015 At 10:05 pm

I love that Born Free is on my birthday. See ya all in June.

Commented on 2-23-2015 At 09:09 am

I'm still down for travel assistance, at anytime... You know where to find me...


Commented on 3-5-2015 At 09:48 pm

We got a crew heading out from Tucson on fri . Anyone comin I10 west ,lets roll !!!

Commented on 3-9-2015 At 08:58 pm

Me and a couple buddies are coming from Albuquerque via I40 to Lake Havasu, then on down from there. This will be my second time making the trip. The little sporty is anxious to make another long haul! CAN'T WAIT.

Commented on 3-26-2015 At 06:53 am

I was planning on rolling out from Tucson on fri. as well, would be awesome to link up with some guys 'cause as I was heading out solo

Commented on 5-12-2015 At 01:10 pm

Riding from Maryland to BF and back, just like I did last year. I'll blend in though as I've got California plates.

Commented on 5-25-2015 At 03:46 pm

we have a small group leaving lake havasu AZ. friday morning early before its too hot.

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