Red Army Red


“If Jesus rides a Harley, the Devil rides a Triumph” that was the first quote I had heard about this bike and let me tell ya; it holds right through every aspect of Jeremy Schaub’s ‘73 Red Army Red T140V. Low, loud, and unforgiving to any number of people who have doubted just how quick a 750 really is. Believe me; I learned the hard way.



If you ever get the chance to check out the bike in person or cross paths with Jeremy, take a second to chat with him. He is easily one of the nicest guys you’ll meet wherever you’re at. Thanks again to Lisa and the team at ChopCult for supporting the cause, and showcasing these excellent machines. Jeremy, as always brother, thanks for the support and patience through a couple of dead batteries, a half-functioning camera, and a couple of decent rain storms. -Austen



Owner name, location: Jeremy Schaub, Norfolk, VA

Bike built by The Factory Metal Works

Bike name: Red Army Red

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1973 Triumph T140V, 750, 5-speed



Frame: Custom hardtail from TFMW



Fork: Custom springer



Chassis mods: All custom



Tire/wheel size and style: 21” spokes front and 16” spokes rear



Favorite thing about this bike: Everyone loves the parcel rack, and it is a really nice detail. But my favorite thing about this bike is the road wear. She was originally built as a show bike, but she is just so much fun to ride. It's a good thing, too, because everything that could break or fall apart has done so. She has broken down almost every time I've ridden her, and so I cherish every chance I have to lay down miles. Eventually, I'll tear her down to parade rest and build a roadworthy bike out of the parts.


Next modification will be: More road wear! The further it gets from its show-bike roots the more I like her.


Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc.: Anvil Customs hand-tooled leather seat.



Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include: I bought this bike to commemorate the release of my wife's third book by the same name "Red Army Red." The words in the pinstriping are all from her book.


Thanks to Austen Gant for taking another round of killer shots. -Jeremy


Article and photos by Austen Gant / @gantman / @intheweedes757

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Commented on 12-17-2018 At 01:24 pm

Fantastic feature and photos, Austen! Great work as always!

Commented on 12-18-2018 At 05:53 pm

Looks really cool!

Commented on 12-19-2018 At 12:19 am

What seems to be the issues with it breaking down?? Stuff that needs loctite falling off? "All parts seen falling of this Motorcycle made by TFMW" when the normal joke is "All parts seen falling of this Motorcycle were the finest English craftsmanship" but we cant blame blighty on this one!

Or is it engine-carb-ignition-charging? The thing I love about my Brit-Iron is they are dead nuts agricultural simple, and once you learn to fettle, and its eccentric little tricks they are very reliable.

Triumph: turning ordinary men into Mechanics since 1902.

Commented on 12-26-2018 At 12:12 am

Really sweet looking ride.. love the way that it all comes together

Commented on 1-1-2019 At 02:53 pm

When I can find it this taillight?

Commented on 1-3-2019 At 04:43 pm

Doesn't the red army reference the Soviet Union?

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