Quick Fix: Making a Tool for Star Hub Drum Bolt Removal


Welcome to a new feature on ChopCult called Quick Fix. Plenty of mechanical issues can be solved with a dose of common sense and a little ingenuity. This one is brought to you by Dave Herr and the crew at Show Class Magazine. This and other gems of wisdom ran in issue two.

There is no real great way to get brake drums off and on a star hub wheel. Getting to the bolt heads is a pain in the ass and getting the force on them you want is impossible! Some places will sell you an Allen wrench for $15 and call it a star hub lug wrench. That's bullshit!

First, check your local pawn shopʼs tool bin. You can usually pick up a 7/16” Allen wrench and socket for a few bucks each. Now, saw the Allen wrench off just before the bend and round the edges off on a bench grinder or with a file. Make sure the cut-off Allen wrench fits down into the bolts but only sticks out the other side of the hub about an inch or so to avoid flex. You can use the tool this way if you like but itʼs best if you weld the wrench to the socket to avoid losing the two pieces and to make it easier to use.







This is the cheapest and best way Iʼve found to get the job done. 

Thanks to Dave Herr and Show Class mag for this Quick Fix.

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Commented on 10-10-2011 At 07:11 am

god damn another reason (like I really needed another one) to subscribe to Show who has a trick to get the front left 18mm NGK plug out of an 88 honda shadow 600 without fighting with it for an hour...besides using a 14mm Champion plug?

Commented on 10-10-2011 At 08:50 am

Haha! I've had one of those in my toolbox for 44 years......

Commented on 10-10-2011 At 10:34 am

I find the 33 lightening bolt a more appropriate symbol to use when etching tools. Good eye Bill.

Commented on 10-10-2011 At 11:05 am

Thats an oldie but a goodie...

Commented on 10-10-2011 At 01:40 pm

I'm perplexed. Why wouldn't one just slip a 12" extension though one of the holes in the star hub, attach hex-head socket, and wa-la. You have the same thing minus the cutting and welding.

Commented on 10-10-2011 At 03:02 pm

awesome idea doing write ups on making specialty tools!

Commented on 10-10-2011 At 05:21 pm

KevMoore, because it is a total bitch to fish the socket onto the extension between the spokes. I have used this same tool, but without the welding, just a cut down allen slipped into a socket. I picked up a tool from Colony Machine that is a repop of the stock H-D tool, just a nice T-handle wrench made specifically for this purpose.

Commented on 10-11-2011 At 06:29 am

This is awesome!

Commented on 10-11-2011 At 12:34 pm

I always like shop shtit like this.

Commented on 10-11-2011 At 10:25 pm

Im gonna put this to good use.

Commented on 10-13-2011 At 09:12 am

Oldie but a very useful goodie to all you young guns running those drums.
Thanks for posting.

Commented on 10-16-2011 At 02:38 pm

Cool. I always like how to articles for D.I.Y. tools, modifications, etc. Thanks.

Commented on 2-5-2012 At 07:26 am

7/16 Allens are a PITA to find!

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