Piss Poor Kustoms KZ750


“I met Steve through riding with Bob Millerleile, he is really talented dude who has a real vision for what a rad bike should look like. I never thought I would be such a fan of a Kawasaki in my whole life, but everything about this bike just screams amazing. Low stance, mean and just looks and sounds like a death machine of fun!!!! His take on what bikes should look like ins truly inspiring and another Ohio talented builder from Youngstown OH. I had the honor to ride a little while back with Steve and Bob one afternoon after I got off work. Just flying around and having fun we found this little out cove at the end of a random street that was probably some ones front yard by Lake Erie where most of these photos where taken. Steve made jokes like the dude was going to come out with a shotgun and yell at us but everything went well. “Cinderella Pussycrust" is a funny name for this amazing bike but if you knew Steve it fits like a glove!”



“A few years ago, with the help of a friend, I bought this 1979 Kawasaki 750 for $800 bucks from a local guy on craigslist. Although it was my first bike, I had a bit of experience fabbing parts up for friends here and there. There was a few things that really kept me from doing anything to this bike right when I first got it, other than little things here and there, nothing that was full out custom. The fact that I really didn't want to dive into anything that would keep me from being able to hop on it and ride with my friends at a moments notice was the real stopper. I also really thought the motor was a very visually ugly motor to turn the bike into a chop. On top of that, I have never seen a Kawasaki that I really thought looked good enough for me to be inspired enough to want to chop it up. 



After a ton of thinking about how I wanted the bike to look, I decided to bite the bullet and commit to doing it, accepting it as a challenge that I could make a bike that was ugly look.....well, not so ugly. I built the entire frame from scratch getting rid of the swing-arm and turning it into a rigid concentrating on a good geometry that would give it a good looking low stance and making sure, throughout, that I didn't have big holes and gaps anywhere, One of the main goals was making sure everything ended up really tightly packed and looking almost as though it was meant to be. The stock motor has six stock mounting locations and I eliminated three of them. To get rid of those three mounts, I had to do quite a bit of cutting away and smoothing to various parts of the motor. In my weird sense of humor I tried to make the frame look as much like a Harley Davidson as possible but with a Japanese motor in it. The front wishbone and the neck was really where I focused on stealing that traditional Americana look as well as adding a fake oil tank to hide all the wiring. I guess I have a really warm spot for traditional looking choppers with a touch of stuff on them that's.. not-so-traditional. 



Another goal that I wanted to achieve was hand building every part on this bike my self that I possibly could. The entire bike was built in my garage over the winter of 2013 with the help of some of my good friends, some who have more tools and the resources that I didn't have. My buddy Bob, with the Esmeralda Swampass bike, is a full-time machinist that did all of the parts on this bike requiring machine tooling. A ton of stuff…..head tube, brass spacers and toe shifters, taillight housings, risers studs and a ton of other things I couldn't produce. He was down to do anything to help, as well as hook me up with some hand me downs. My longtime friend Joe took on the task of helping with carbs and all the wiring, and my friend Judd stomped out the tig-work. 



The bike is going to get painted eventually but I first wanted to work out all the bugs making sure there wasn't going to be any metal issues that would need to be addressed first.....and of course ride the hell out of it over the summer. One of the things I take the most pride and find tons of humor in, is when your typical person at my local bike nights walk up to the bike, they are super stoked on it and point at all the neat parts, only to then realize and walk away in disgust they got tricked into thinking it was a custom harley and not a Japanese bike....which I totally dig. There is still a ton of other plans for this bike, including a new bar setup, but priorities told me to build it quick so I didn't kiss summer away without a bike. Choppers and friends go together and the thing that makes all this so much fun.... is just that. Thanks to all my friends who helped me build a dirt cheap garage built death trap as well as Mike Arnold for taking the rad pics.”

-Steve Luckett- Piss Poor Kustoms.



Owner name, location: Steve Luckett, Piss Poor Kustoms, Youngstown Ohio.

Bike name: “Cinderella Pussycrust".

Year and Model: 1979 Kawasaki KZ750.

Frame: Rigid entirely garage built.



Fork: - 4 under dna custom built front leg(de-uglified).

Tire/wheels: Honda 500 23" front rim w/ Wargasser hub, Buchannan spokes, Firestone dirt tire. stock rear 16 wheel w/ Dura Median tire.

Mods: Hand built exhaust, internally wired sissy bar, flipped riserless dirtbike bars, friscoed 1973 Honda p-50 tank, hand-made fake oil tank/battery box, hand built fab kev inspired dual Tokico caliper rear brakes, and a hand built battery box.



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Commented on 4-14-2014 At 06:26 am

Unique and very cool build!

Commented on 4-14-2014 At 08:48 am

I appreciate Mikey's help with this article.

Commented on 4-16-2014 At 07:41 am

Clean lines and attention detail, I just peed a little when I saw this. In all seriousness beautiful use of an imagination and I can't wait to see more of his creations, nice work!

Commented on 4-19-2014 At 02:16 pm

Bike is the bees knees my friend. Looks great.

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