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Our good friend and true brother Walter Gemeinhardt is a "put your money where your mouth is" sort of dude. After seeing first hand the havoc that Superstorm Sandy caused when it pounded his home state of New Jersey and surrounding areas, Walt has stepped up with a good idea that can be translated into actionable charity. What's this got to do with motorcycling? Everything. As much as motorcycles are an intensely individual endeavour, the culture also has a long history of helping others and that "pay it forward" mentality is what Walter is fostering with this contest. Read on to hear how you can get involved, and its not just about donating dollars...




From Walter's blog:


The other day I was going on about reaching out and helping someone, donating or volunteering time to a good cause, because the act of helping someone out is it's own reward. Or something like that. You can read it HERE. That got me thinking about the saying "No good deed goes unpunished". A sardonic commentary on the frequency with which acts of kindness backfire on those who offer them. In other words, because life is inherently unfair, those who help others are doomed to suffer as a result of their being helpful. (from Wikipedia) You never hear "No good deed goes unrewarded!" do you? If doing something nice is a reward in it self, then this should ring true, but it doesn't. I think it has something to do with human nature and societal fatalism than anything else, but that is a discussion best had over drinks. My point is, I think, I would hate for your good works to backfire. Especially since you are reading this and getting inspired to go out and kick some charitable ass! So here is the deal Send me a receipt from a American Red Cross donation, a photo of you volunteering, a photo of your coat drive or any selfless act over the holidays and I will put your name in the hat for the...


No Good Deed Goes Unrewarded Contest!

1) Vanson / Kickstart Leather Revolver Vest.

1) Biltwell Gen 2 Helmet and Mako Tail Light!

1) $150.00 Gift certificate from S&S Cycle

1) Hi Bond Modified Kick Pedal

1) Set of Speed Bars and Pegs from The Speed Merchant!

1) Pile of ChopCult Goodies

A bunch of T-Shirts & Stickers

and... something else!

That is OVER $1000.00 worth of stuff!


Now I know you don't need an incentive to do something nice, that would defeat the entire purpose, now wouldn't it. Think of this as a tangible reward for getting in the ring.

All you have to do is email your pictures, a short story and your contact info to info@kickstartcycle. Everything counts, if you have been volunteering in already or are just finding the time now. The Contest will be open 'til NEW YEARS EVE 2012 We will pick a name out of the hat on NEW YEARS DAY.


So far, the response to the contest has been amazing. Keep the stories coming! I have been getting some questions that I would like to clear up.

Does the "Good Deed" have to be between Thanksgiving and New years?

No. any Good Deed is eligible.

Can I nominate a friend?

We have been getting this question a lot. the answer is, Yes. That would be fantastic.

Who or What decides the winner?

Fate. I am going to pull a name out of a hat.


Please share this link and spread the word! ~ Walter

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Commented on 11-29-2012 At 04:35 am

Good on you, Walter. Very cool.


Commented on 11-29-2012 At 04:49 am

Damn fine idea man!

Commented on 11-29-2012 At 05:07 am

Thats cool as shit Walt.

Commented on 11-29-2012 At 05:33 am

fuckin' Walter, publicity whore that he is, at it again.

i kid

Commented on 11-29-2012 At 06:57 am

Great idea! Definitely a good way to help some folks that need it.

Commented on 11-29-2012 At 07:28 am

Good job and great idea Walter!

Commented on 11-29-2012 At 08:15 am

good deal im on the east coast . anyone in the new england area . wanna put something together and help some good pep's . Pm me if so

Commented on 11-29-2012 At 08:38 am

We can talk about it this afternoon Jesse, over Beers and Bikes.

Commented on 11-29-2012 At 09:04 am

Good on ya Walt for taking action!

Commented on 11-29-2012 At 10:20 am

Ever since I got a copy of the Biltwell catalog I wondered whether that was Bill in that photo, but now it makes sense. Must be Walter!

Good stuff, Walter. Now...what to do...

(Nose wanders off)

Commented on 11-29-2012 At 01:14 pm

Most military members do some form of charity work along with serving their country, it helps with our fit-reps or evaluations, and a lot of the oppertunities we're given turn out to be a lot of fun. I think that it's outstanding that Walter is taking it a step further to encourage this kind of stuff. Good on you Walt!

*posted from a computer center at the Wounded Warrior Center ;)

Commented on 11-29-2012 At 07:01 pm

word ! very cool

Commented on 11-29-2012 At 08:50 pm

Brilliant. I dig.

Commented on 11-30-2012 At 05:03 am

Right arm!

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