Mike Davis's 1950 Triumph


Mike Davis is one half of the two-man team that has promoted America's best motorcycle show every summer since 2009. Born Free boasts the best collection of vintage iron in North America, but it was the Mooneyes show in Yokohama, Japan, that inspired Mike and his partner Grant Peterson to assemble thousands of righteous rides on US soil.



This classic pre-unit Triumph chopper from Mike's personal stash of stunning motorcycles is heading to Yokohama this December to give motorcycle freaks from the Rising Sun a taste of British steel served Yankee style. Tony Dunn at Classic Cycles has been helping Mike finish his Japanese show-stopper, and agreed to let us shoot it before it makes its debut at Mooneyes next December. Thanks to both Brit bike aficionados and friends for giving CC readers a peek.

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Commented on 10-18-2012 At 07:11 am

Ridiculously RAD!

Commented on 10-18-2012 At 07:27 am

Such a nice bike!

Commented on 10-18-2012 At 08:10 am

When are we gettin the details?

Commented on 10-18-2012 At 09:48 am

Slick ride all the way!

Commented on 10-18-2012 At 10:46 am

Nice. Rear tire is gnarly.

Commented on 10-18-2012 At 02:19 pm

love the wheels...Akronts??

Commented on 10-18-2012 At 11:15 pm

Sick bike!

Commented on 10-19-2012 At 04:56 am



Commented on 10-19-2012 At 07:28 am

The wheels are Morad's from Tyler @ LowBrow Customs.

Commented on 10-19-2012 At 07:42 am

Sweet merciful mcguilicutty. I would punch a nun for this thing.

Commented on 10-19-2012 At 11:09 am

Narrowing those already narrow forks is pure genius! Bike looks rad, and you just made me feel like shit for building 1950 Triumph that sucks Sandusky balls compared to this.

Commented on 10-19-2012 At 09:31 pm

Effin sick.

Commented on 10-20-2012 At 11:06 am

Questions for bike feature:

year, make model of frame 1950 Triumph Rigid

year, make model of motor 1950 Triumph 650 w/ 750 MAP kit

year, make model of tranny 1950 Triumph

modifications to chassis, if any: narrowed front end

front wheel size, hub origin, rim spec, tire size: 21" Morad w/ custom Spool hub,Firestone racing tire

rear wheel size, hub origin, rim spec, tire size: 19" Morad w/stock hub ,Track Racer tire

Name of bike: The Gila Monster

name of builder: I don't know how to answer. Classic Cycles built the motor & trans and Andy put in the frame,belt ect...Tbone & Kiyo did some the fab,the bike is my vision,I gathered all the parts and put alot of the bike together,Tony helped tune... Classic Cycles let me build the bike in their shop which has been very nice and Tony had a lot of horrible advice he gave thanks Tony ! I want to thank everyone at Classic Cycles..Amanda,Andy,Fugi,Bob and the Torch for all the help.
A little back story....The Bike came for Moores Cycle ( Keith Moore RIP). I talked Keith into selling me the project about 2 1/2 years ago and told him I was going to build a show bike with it...of course he did not think I would reallly follow through with it..but I did . He got to see much of the progress and we talked a lot about the bike but sadly he passed away in April. I have put everything I have into the bike and it's the best I can do.I think he would approve. I am taking the bike to the Moon Eyes show in Japan this December. It is a huge honor and a lot of pressure. I am almost done with the bike after re doing basically everything multiple times but I will make it. I have had many hands touching this bike...from the begining with Keith to parts & advice from several friends and I want to thank you all

Commented on 10-20-2012 At 09:46 pm

I'd like to say, it's been a lot of fun building this bike with Mike.......I'd really like to.

Commented on 10-20-2012 At 09:46 pm

I'd like to say, it's been a lot of fun building this bike with Mike.......I'd really like to.

Commented on 10-21-2012 At 09:55 am

That's perrrdy!

Commented on 10-21-2012 At 07:46 pm

how'd u cover the legs? like that narrow and clean.

Commented on 10-22-2012 At 12:50 am

Love it! Great work Mike!

Commented on 11-18-2012 At 01:22 am

great looking bike that rear tire is sick

Commented on 11-25-2012 At 04:47 pm

fuck i love that bike

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