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You won't find shocks and struts behind the counter as the old Monroe sign over this Brooklyn institution's door implies, but for taking the edge off a tough week in the Big Apple, few places are better equipped for tune and service than Bar Matchless in Greenpoint, NYC.

Billdozer stumbled upon Bar Matchless in 2007 at an impromptu pre-party for Gypsy Run I. Manhattanite and ChopCult member Greaser Mike gave Bill the tour of the burrough surrounding the Matchless that evening, and a base camp for serious wanderlust was born. Last month Bill reacquainted me with his favorite Brooklyn watering hole, and I too was hooked.



Apparently, we are not alone. The ownership of Bar Matchless established their restaurant and cocktail lounge as the preeminent place for potent potables for the two-wheeled set years ago, and its legend has only been burnished by time.

The building itself once housed an auto repair shop, and its space for live music is separated from the sidewalk by an imposing metal gate that looks like it could have protected the Matchless motorcycle factory in the 1950's. A copper bar winds around the interior's epicenter, and is flanked on two walls by booths and tables. A secluded third space hosts foosball and billiard tables for the sports-minded, and a kitchen behind that serves comfort food and hearty bar fare until 3:00 a.m.

Nightly entertainment at Matchless Bar runs the gamut, with Moto Monday being a favorite among Brooklyn's chopper set. Old biker flicks backed with music from DJ Casey Block are a good way to shake off the cobwebs from a cloudy weekend of riding and drinking. If that doesn't kickstart your heart, there's Heavy Metal Parking Lot Karaoke on Wednesdays, and of course live music from area bands every Friday and Saturday night. Suffice it to say you won't leave hungry, thirsty or bored after a night at Bar Matchless.

Visit the Matchless Bar website for more info.

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Commented on 9-24-2010 At 06:18 am

hehehe, one of those guys has a Dark Customs T-shirt on...hehehe.

Looks like a cool place. Good write up, makes me want a beer. The way THIS day is going I'm gonna need a bunch later on.

Commented on 9-24-2010 At 06:33 am

The Man n' Cheese at that place is phenomenal.

Commented on 9-24-2010 At 06:35 am

was there last friday for the dice party. awesome bar, rowdy crowed and a foose ball table. if your in brooklyn check it out you won't be let down.

Commented on 9-24-2010 At 06:39 am

I miss this bar. One of my favorite places to go while I was living in Brooklyn.

Commented on 9-24-2010 At 07:42 am

Nice place! we had a similar atmosphere in my hometown, but it's a church now!!

Commented on 9-24-2010 At 08:23 am

look again, nhmike - that's a Dork Custom tee

hey, miked - man n cheese? whoa

thanks for the love, harold!

Commented on 9-24-2010 At 08:57 am

Mike is correct: the man and cheese is delicious!

Commented on 9-24-2010 At 09:38 am

I'm considering taking residence in Brooklyn, It just feels like home to me.
The Macman & cheese is good too.

Commented on 9-24-2010 At 09:51 am

That bartender pouring Mike a Guiness in that pic also rode her GB500 on the Gyspy Run. I *heart* Brooklyn too. Kim if you move there I'd probably see you more often than I do now.

Commented on 9-24-2010 At 10:33 am

yea def a dork custom #1 penis haha

Commented on 9-24-2010 At 01:09 pm

Looks like a pretty cool place. I've never been to NY, but will make it someday. Old places with history rock.

Commented on 9-24-2010 At 04:22 pm

I love a good bar that's within walking distance..

Commented on 9-24-2010 At 05:48 pm

Hey Harold!

I know you are a busy dude, but damn you were around the block from me!

Just sayin'

Hope to hear from you soon!


Commented on 9-25-2010 At 07:20 am

Ah yes, Bar Matchless is the greatest. It seemed like I was living in there last weekend, which is not a bad thing. I miss Brooklyn.

Commented on 9-26-2010 At 03:48 pm

Me too Matt! Seems like a sad thing to leave so early... We'll be back next year, so keep your pants on!

Commented on 10-7-2010 At 09:17 am

Wasn't a bad place.$4 a bud is a bit steep but it is the city.The Brooklyn Ale house on 8th and Berry was where I bellied up when I was there.Christa's a great bartender,thanks for the shots and the shirt,and the place ain't over run with the hipster kids that are all over that neighborhood.

Commented on 2-18-2011 At 03:14 am

ALMOST.. make me want to go to NY

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