Margaret the Black Crow


Media coverage for a custom motorcycle is the holy grail among bike builders, and the men who make a living in the game take the quest for press seriously. Of course, the rarest of birds is the illusive "cover bike." Such an accolade can add thousands of dollars to the value of a hand-built custom if and when the builder or owner chooses to sell it.

Nakul Poredi owns this cover-quality specimen, but garnering ink and pixels was the farthest thing from his mind when he raised this phoenix from the ashes. The promise Nakul made to the son of his bike's original owner is far more praiseworthy, which is why we are honored to share his story with ChopCult readers:

"My buddy and I came across our bikes in a package deal. The deal included one OIF model, and the 1970 TR6R 650 you see here. I picked the '70 Triumph because I wanted a small displacement bike with a single down tube. Both of the bikes came out of Kansas, and were the victims of a house fire. The bikes survived, but the owner did not. I never met the original owner, but I have since become friends with his son, and I told the guy I would do my best to make this bike something his father would have been proud of.

"The bike sat in my garage for six months while I thought about how I wanted it to look. After searching the Internet, I 'borrowed' some good ideas and dreamed up a couple of my own. To get my burn victim running, my friend Jesse and I rigged a makeshift gas tank out of a water bottle, put in a new set of points, and hooked up an old battery. She fired right up after just a couple kicks! I was relieved to say the least, as I had no idea whether the engine was alive or not.


"After I knew she ran, I made countless trips to Moore’s in Fullerton. I got her a new rear end and attempted to make my seat mount. I wanted to get the electrics right on this one, so I took her to Classic Cycles. I talked to Tony about the leaf spring for the seat, and he told me he had just what I needed in his back yard. When I bounced my ideas for the NSU levers off Tony, he told me making them work wouldn’t be a problem, either. With my work and family schedule, it became obvious that if I ever wanted to ride my bike, I may as well let the guys at Classic Cycles do their thing.

"I would stop by the shop a couple times a week to let them know what I wanted. Sometimes they gave me the “I don’t think so” look; other times they just scratched their heads and said okay.  In the end she turned out way better than I had ever imagined. She was supposed to be a little beater to putt around with my buddies, but now she is truly a work of art. Every time I take her for a spin I always get a “thumbs up” or a “right on!” from someone on the road.

"Thanks to all the guys at Classic Cycles who graciously put up with all of my questions and changes over the five months or so. I’m way stoked on how she turned out. Now it’s time to ride."


Owner: Nakul Poredi

Bike's name: Margaret, or the Black Crow, or the Black Falcon… Nakul's not sure which

Builders: owner, his friend Jesse and Classic Cycles in Orange, CA

Year, size, model of motor: 1970 Triumph 650 

Year, model of frame: same as motor 

Engine mods, if any: None—just a rebuild with cosmetic freshening from Classic Cycles 

Chassis mods: Hardtail from Moore’s Cycle

Year and model of fork: cleaned up stock 1970 Triumph

Front wheel size and style/model of hub: 21-inch, stock drum

Rear wheel size and style/model of hub: 18-inch, stock drum


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Commented on 4-23-2010 At 05:32 am

Absolutely gorgeous bike. I'm loving the leaf spring seat mount and am thinking it's something cool I might have to borrow myself! Great job.

Commented on 4-23-2010 At 06:31 am

Great stance, bike looks very clean.

Commented on 4-23-2010 At 06:35 am

that is nice and gives me motivation to work on my bike

Commented on 4-23-2010 At 07:04 am

hands down, the BEST trump i have ever seen. Just Gorgeous

Commented on 4-23-2010 At 08:36 am

Now all you need is a tommy gun, that is one gangsta looking bike.

Commented on 4-23-2010 At 09:09 am

i just want to watch the slideshow over and over again

Commented on 4-23-2010 At 10:37 am

your bike hasn't *arrived* until it's been photographed in front of the "no trash dumping" sign at classic cycles. congratulations!

Commented on 4-23-2010 At 10:56 am

^^^^ HAHAHA..That's some funny shit right there., I guess we could pick a better spot, but nothing says class like a 'no trash dumping' sign.


Commented on 4-23-2010 At 11:01 am

very elegant lookin

Commented on 4-23-2010 At 11:05 am


Commented on 4-23-2010 At 11:09 am

Clean, clean, clean. Very slick bike. Reminds me of the Falcon.

Commented on 4-23-2010 At 12:58 pm

holy shit thats a bad ass bike! possibly my favorit trump

Commented on 4-23-2010 At 02:20 pm

everything ya'll do says class, even in front of the dumpster!

Commented on 4-23-2010 At 06:45 pm

very nice...very clean....

Commented on 4-23-2010 At 07:06 pm

shes aweful purrty

Commented on 4-23-2010 At 09:21 pm

The bike is much more impressive in person, even though Magoo takes a mean picture. After we finished all the fab work on the bike, Nakul came in and him and I went over EVERY piece of the bike to decide which would be powder coated gloss black and which parts would be painted satin black. 2 full pages later we had every part listed, and what finish it would recieve. It took a little bit of talking before Nakul said it would be cool to go with a wm1 21" on the front, which really helped complete the front end. You can build a killer bike and still use the stock front brake! Steve, the bike was shot at the super secret "no trash dumping" sign, by the stream and ivy. Congrats Nakul, in the end your bike came out way better than we thought an all black bike could look!!

Commented on 4-23-2010 At 10:28 pm

this thing is nice, met the owner at the hippy killer, me and oli were starin at it takin pictures, and nakul happened to be standing there as well, nice guy, nice bike.

Commented on 4-24-2010 At 06:51 am

That was a fun build, it gave me a chance to use that top leaf spring off my model A, and Nakul not only went along with all of our experimental ideas, but he paid us to do it !!

Commented on 4-24-2010 At 06:57 am

That was a fun build, it gave me a chance to use that top leaf spring off my model A, and Nakul not only went along with all of our experimental ideas, but he paid us to do it !!

Commented on 4-24-2010 At 06:58 am

very cool. Black is always best

Commented on 4-24-2010 At 08:21 am

hey guess what happens when you hit the button twice.........

Commented on 4-24-2010 At 11:07 am

That is a very nice bike puts me in mind of my '70 tr6r gloss black ,flat black a pre unit oil tank ,side license plate and down to the same exhaust tips on drag pipes ...tank badges ...Guess this is what my bike could/would look like if it was built by some top notch guys like at classic cycles ......instead of my hillbilly ass ....1970 Triumphs are killer and this one is top notch....Doing the Triumph name justice ...can't say it enough GREAT WORK GUYS!!!!

Commented on 4-24-2010 At 05:42 pm

WOW!! Nice!!

Commented on 4-24-2010 At 08:23 pm

Wow, thanks for all the great comments! Yeah, i'm still in disbelief that i get to ride this beauty pretty much whenever i want, kinda like its too nice to be mine. And a huge thanks to the guys over at Classic Cycles, Tony & Andy and of course Ryan who put up with all my crap, thanks. She starts right up and runs great. Even with the bars and seat she is perfectly comfortable. The oil bag is from an old Indian Vertical (40's?). All the little details that Classic Cycles did really made this bike what she is, awesome. Oh yeah, the name Black Crow, cuz a crow is kinda like a poor man's bird (near a trash dumpster), as opposed to a rich man's "falcon" (a bird you might see on an old TV show like Dynasty). Whatever, i just love ridin this beauty as often as i can. See you all on the road!

Commented on 4-25-2010 At 07:02 am

Can't beat an all black Tri chop! Love the blacked out shakers too.

Commented on 4-25-2010 At 03:09 pm

That's why I see the similarities I to used the black falcon bike for the idea of the oil bag and such ...ended up black just cause I wanted paint on it and ride for awhile before I did a final paint ....Funny how people get inspired by others mine is a ariel square 4 tank ... Once agian though damn nice looking bike ...and Awesome work by the guys at classic cycle...

Commented on 4-25-2010 At 05:20 pm

dont get much cleaner than that

Commented on 4-25-2010 At 07:20 pm

Loving this bike!

Commented on 4-26-2010 At 12:11 pm

This is awesome! Very clean.

Commented on 4-26-2010 At 05:02 pm

I reckon it's hard to pull off a black bike well and this nails it.

Commented on 5-1-2010 At 04:47 am

Wicket ! I like that you keep the original oil tank ! The front drum is a great British look .

Commented on 8-22-2010 At 08:15 pm

Wish she was mine.

Commented on 2-28-2011 At 02:00 pm

My father in law has one of these bikes just sitting in a field by his house. I should steal it, since he wont sell it to me.

Commented on 4-1-2011 At 08:59 am


Commented on 10-9-2011 At 11:36 am

Like this bike!

Commented on 2-2-2012 At 02:21 pm

I love the levers. Where did you get them?

Commented on 7-8-2012 At 01:19 pm

those levers are off of an old NSU and we bought them on Ebay.

Commented on 10-8-2015 At 01:14 am

very nice ,

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