Making Handlebars with Special '79


Here's another Metal Shop feature with our favorite fab guru, Jay Roche of Special '79. This two-part video will run through the basics of using a manual tubing bender to make some bars, and how to miter and weld tubing to make a set of no-riser T-bars.



You can visit the Special '79 blog here.

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Commented on 5-4-2011 At 01:26 pm

Great article. Thanks for sharing!

Commented on 5-4-2011 At 02:01 pm

love the metal shop features, keep em coming!

Commented on 5-4-2011 At 03:44 pm

awesome break down

Commented on 5-4-2011 At 03:57 pm

Thanks for the vid. I have a set of bars from Jason and they are amazing. I can stare at the welds all day!

Commented on 5-4-2011 At 04:54 pm

I wish I had a tube bender,

Commented on 5-4-2011 At 04:55 pm

Awesome!!! He always has some good shit up on his site!!!

Commented on 5-4-2011 At 06:14 pm

Great feature! Thanks!

Commented on 5-4-2011 At 07:55 pm

nicley done once again

Commented on 5-4-2011 At 09:55 pm

thats legit

Commented on 5-4-2011 At 10:16 pm

good stuff.

Commented on 5-4-2011 At 10:39 pm

great write up would love to see more!

Commented on 5-4-2011 At 10:39 pm

Fucking awesome shop, and an awesome how-to!

Commented on 5-5-2011 At 12:28 am

great how to. nicely done

Commented on 5-5-2011 At 12:32 am

the metal shop articles are kick ass

Commented on 5-5-2011 At 04:19 am

Very informative. Well done.

Commented on 5-5-2011 At 11:17 am

Nice work.

Commented on 5-5-2011 At 04:27 pm

Never gets old. Great job!

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 02:52 am

Great article! Tha' man can do his thang, that's for sure. Respects

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 01:55 pm

I'm loving all the videos and info. Keep it coming!

Commented on 5-10-2011 At 12:06 am

Love the Metal Shop features! They KICK ASS!

Commented on 5-13-2011 At 12:59 pm

Great stuff... more please...

Commented on 2-7-2012 At 02:01 pm

Should do a fab dvd, I would buy that shit for sure!

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