Making a Sissy Bar with Zac Doom


The premier issue of Show Class magazine had a righteously simple and to-the-point How-to article by Zach from Heavy. We thought it would be cool to share it on here, since building one should be within about anyone's reach as long as you have access to a torch and a welder. For less than a case of beer, you can end up with a tidy addition to your bike that makes packing your outlaw freedom kit easier and of course, classier. Thanks, Zach and Show Class for sharing the feature.


So you need a sissy bar for that up-coming road trip...? This is for the regular Joe who wants freedom - backpacks and shit strapped to the bars don’t help the freedom factor, man. This sissy bar cost about 20 bucks and was done in an afternoon. The key - A JIG! Where to start? Well, we all know some cat whose got a non-descript sissybar laying around. Some of these sissy bars are older than you,so trust the time-honored shapes and bends. Most are made to fi t a 16” rear, but you can always tweak it a bit to fi t that 18” or 19” too.



Find a good welding surface and lay/ set bolts where the OG sissy bar you’re using as a template bends. We tapped holes for easy removal/re-use.



Kevin wanted his sissy bar 6’ tall - this is what inspired the whole “custom” height, and got the ball rolling on this project.



Line up the pieces in the jig to get an idea of what’s gonna happen in the end.



Kevin welded two 6’ lengths of 5/8” round stock together at the top.



You’re basically replicating the same bends as the OG sissy bar. Make sure you LINE IT UP.



Heat that shit up and make yer bends.



After makin’ yer two bends on each side, this is what you’ll end up with.



Bolt some bungs to the rear drop-outs where your sissy bar will mount. Put the sissy bar there to make sure it clears. It so, weld that shit together!



Hold the sissy bar in place and figure out where your it will mount to your fender... Mark it, drill it and attach it.



After drilling for your fender mounts attach a couple bungs... yer gonna weld your brace for the sissy bar to the bungs once you make it.



Make a nice bend in some round stock to use as the fender strap to connect the sissy bar to the fender mounts.



Put the strap in place and then weld it up.

You are DONE!

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Commented on 6-24-2011 At 05:25 am

Cool deal. Wish I had that long steel table but I do believe I can make something like this work. I am always interested in the ''how to'' stuff. Not necessarily for the finished product, but more for the way to get there. IE: the improvised jig.

Thanks as always for putting this up.


Commented on 6-24-2011 At 07:16 am

Nice write up....

Commented on 6-24-2011 At 07:39 am

Holy crap that's a lot of sissy bar!

Nice write up, nice work.

By the way, check your lights. They're running strongly in the violet end of the spectrum...

Commented on 6-24-2011 At 09:16 am

great saw it in show class keep choppin!

Commented on 6-24-2011 At 11:10 am

Kevin and Bobby holding shit down!

Commented on 6-24-2011 At 12:36 pm

Saw this in the mag, nice to see it here for everyone. I love when CC features tech.

Commented on 6-24-2011 At 03:30 pm

nice easy to follow write up, thats the kind of stuff I love to see in a chopper mag.

Commented on 6-24-2011 At 04:29 pm

Just finished one...wish i had this a couple weeks ago...but thx

Commented on 6-25-2011 At 04:43 am

dig it ,sweet write up..

Commented on 6-26-2011 At 02:17 pm

nice idea!!! the cuts should have being beveled or shaped for a better fit before welding

Commented on 6-27-2011 At 09:38 am

Fantastic write up, much better than the way I've been doing it!

Commented on 6-27-2011 At 10:02 am

Hey pop, They were coped out a bit with die grinder and carbide bit.

Commented on 6-29-2011 At 08:45 am

A man of the world, is defined by the lenght of his sissybar

Commented on 7-17-2011 At 06:01 am

This is what Chop Cult is about, sharing how-to knowledge, furthering the chopper nation.

Commented on 1-15-2012 At 08:16 pm

so simple yet so satisfying

Commented on 1-31-2012 At 06:21 pm

i want one, we gotta buddy here in SC that can hook it up

Commented on 5-13-2012 At 08:02 pm

Zach rules. Slower lower Delaware misses you bro.

Commented on 2-19-2016 At 01:41 am

Had to build the sissy bar on my motorcycle slightly differently since it is not a hard tail. But, this is a good way to do it to get it right the first time around. Thanks.

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