Lucille by Lee Bullock


Have you ever heard the phrase “A man and his pan?" Meet Lee Bullock, who prefers the phrase, “A man, his pan, and his goats.” This tattoo artist turned goat farmer knows the true meaning of living life to the fullest. He left Austin, Texas and his career as a tattoo artist and moved an hour and a half north to Lampasas, Texas to become a goat farmer on his family ranch. A highlight of the trip was meeting Lucky Ford, who became Lee’s sidekick goat. Lucky’s mother passed away while Lee was trying to get her to the local vet, but to Lee’s surprise, Lucky survived. You guessed it; Lee was in a Ford truck, so Lucky Ford just fit the little goat. Lee Bullock is also one hell of a painter. He does custom original paintings and will paint on commission, as well. I was fortunate enough to get a firsthand look into life on Lee’s farm and capture some images of Lucille, his 1953 panhead.



Lee built Lucille roughly 10 months ago with a motor he had been running in a long bike that was short lived. Lee had always intended on building a 60’s inspired chopper, so he decided to pull the motor from the long bike and start his 60’s inspired bike. He sold the roller and delivered it to its new owner during his trip to Born Free 6. That gave him the funds he needed to get the new build started.


Lee’s maiden voyage was with his club, Vise Grip MC, out to Lee’s ranch for his brother’s bachelor party. Lucille held up just fine with the exception of a few loose nuts and bolts. But, that happens when you ride these old machines. The frame was tweaked a bit, and Lee has had issues with the current tanks mounting correctly since day one. So, he’s sadly decided to part with them. He’s moving forward with a Wassell style tank with some bitchin’ paint by Dennis Babin.



Lee states that there is nothing else that he would change on Lucille and, to this day, it is one of his most comfortable and favorite builds. Lee is currently working on another Panhead and hopes that it will spark his fire like Lucille has. In Lee’s words, “Life is too short not to have two panheads.”


Lee would like to thank all of his brothers in Vise Grip MC for all the support over the years and he would also like to thank Chop Cult for featuring his 1953 panhead.





Owner name, location: Lee Bullock, Lampasas, Tx

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1953 Harley Davidson panhead chopper



Frame: 1948 wishbone

Fork: 4+ WL springer



Chassis mods: it’s all fucked up

Tire/wheel size and style: 16” in back, 21’ up front. Starhubs



Favorite thing about this bike: Everything about her

Next modification will be: New tank. These bobs don’t mount properly due to weird tweaker mods to frame.



Be sure to give Lee a follow on Instagram: @leebullockart @leebgoats




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Commented on 3-9-2015 At 03:57 pm

tight pan, man

Commented on 3-9-2015 At 03:58 pm

tight pan, man

Commented on 3-9-2015 At 09:23 pm

Sick pan man!

Commented on 3-10-2015 At 03:34 am

the goats are awesome

Commented on 3-10-2015 At 09:53 am

Those tanks are sleazy as hell, if they are for sale and not in a committed relationship, please post 'em on CC classyfieds.. The bike is bitchin'!

Commented on 3-10-2015 At 12:58 pm

Chopcult: Keep it up with the killer features! This bike is dope. Where can you even get a tank painted like this?

Commented on 3-12-2015 At 07:34 am

This bike absolutely rules; one of the best feature bikes to date. I wouldn't change a thing on it.

Commented on 3-13-2015 At 02:34 am

You don't need to be a goat to love this bike, it's got character! Nice build

Commented on 3-13-2015 At 09:03 am

That's an awesome bike! Great feature too

Commented on 3-15-2015 At 05:48 am

I've need a downward facing velocity stack like that any idea where i can get one?

Commented on 3-15-2015 At 05:48 am

I've need a downward facing velocity stack like that any idea where i can get one?

Commented on 6-22-2015 At 06:07 pm


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