Love Cycles Second Anniversary Party


Phoenix-based CC correspondent Cindy DuLong is a faithful follower of most things chopper and all things fun. Cindy's nom de plume in cyberspace is Fashion Serial Killer, and her take on the substance of style has earned her a stable of Internet boyfriends from coast to coast. One week before escorting McGoo on his own birthday bash in the Big Apple, FSK spent a boozy Saturday afternoon at Love Cycles to celebrate the second anniversary of Jeremiah's little hot spot in Arizona.

Cindy's tongue doesn't get really loose until the drinks start flowing, so these photos will have to speak for her. Thanks for sacrificing your liver for ChopCult readers, Cindy.


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Commented on 1-26-2011 At 07:33 am

looks like a good time. speaking of liver sacrifice, anybody notice the AA meeting sign??

Commented on 1-26-2011 At 07:51 am

Wow, that yellow Yamaha is a beauty.

Commented on 1-26-2011 At 08:49 am

looks like a good time, too bad theres nothing happening in my area.

I want the little yamaha too.

Commented on 1-26-2011 At 09:11 am

Anything for you guys......

Commented on 1-26-2011 At 09:32 am

Yes, I too need an SR500. Nice work, Cindy!

Commented on 1-26-2011 At 11:05 am

Great pics Cindy D , Thanks Lou

Commented on 1-26-2011 At 12:07 pm

Hey thats my Yamaha! whoo! thanks for taking the pictures.

Commented on 1-26-2011 At 02:03 pm

thanks dudes for all coming out thanks cindy remember u have to drink in moderation. I never got to tell u thanks for all the milk.

Commented on 1-26-2011 At 02:33 pm

I try to drink in moderation, it never works. As for the milk, anytime :o)

Commented on 1-31-2011 At 08:18 pm

I gotta swing by ur shop n check it out in the north valley...driven past the shop a few times on the way home from my shop....

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