Loud Mouth

Under the definition of the phrase, “patience is a virtue” it should read, “please see Ben Dailey”. The reason being is that Ben sent in the info on Loud Mouth for publication awhile back and he has never, not even once, publicly slandered me or CC for the long wait. He has been a true gentleman during the whole process and I want to thank him one million times for his understanding and patience. Take a moment to enjoy Loud Mouth!

Owner name, location: Ben Dailey - Rochester, NY 

Chop Cult Member profile: RaiseHellDailey

Bike name: Loud Mouth

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: The bike started life as a 1997 XLC1200, the motor was bored out a few years back to a 1275cc and I went ahead and added some Andrew’s N4 cams, jetted Mikuni HSR42 carb, Vance & Hines 2-1 Competition Series headers with a side dump blowout tip, RSD velocity stack, and a 52T rear, 24T front sprocket and a 520 chain final drive conversion. She’s pretty fuckin fun to ride! 

Frame: Frame was a stock 1997 XLC frame that has since been hardtailed with +3” stretch and +1” drop in the rear end. The hardtail came from Lowbrow Customs.

Fork: She’s running a +2” over Wide Glide Springer front end from TC Bros.

Chassis mods: I shaved down the factory neck gussets and added a new support cross member for a cleaner look up front. 

Tire/wheel size and style: Right now she’s got a stock width 18” rear solid mag wheel running a Shinko Super Vintage and a 2.5” 21” spoked front wheel with an Avon Speedmaster MkII tire.

Favorite thing about this bike: I think I’ve always loved the sound of the exhaust the most. She’s loud as fuck and the backpressure has this gnarly snarl that turns a lot of heads. Other than the exhaust I really like how slender the bike is, and how well that ties in with the rest of the lines.

The next modification will be: I’ll probably be doing a kickstart-only conversion on it this winter.

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: I really dig how the skinny front wheel kind of floats inside the wide glide front end. I think it goes pretty well with how I mounted the headlight to give it a nice and clean retro feel, while still keeping a pretty aggressive stance. I’m also super stoked on how the paintjob came out! I always work with Rochester legend painter Brian “The  Brush” Briskie for my paint. On Loud Mouth, I did the base coat of Tuxedo Black with gold flake on all the tins and the entire frame, then brought it over to the Brush to work his magic. He did an awesome retro flame job in metallic gold with heavy gold flake, silver pinstriping and hand lettering. Couldn’t be happier with how it came out. She definitely gets a lot of good looks!

Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include: I’ve only been into working on and building bikes for a little over four years, and this build was my first full-on chop and frame-up build, so I definitely learned A LOT along the way and I will be forever grateful for the experience. I’ve already been sketching out ideas on a couple of new bikes I’m looking forward to getting started on here soon.

Thanks to: Many thanks to the guys over at the Lowlife Chopper Podcast @ferrofabrication and @loctites_chop_shop for helping me out with any questions along the way as well as keeping me well entertained with the podcast during those late nights working in the shop. Super stoked to meet up with those dudes again when I ride Loud Mouth from Virginia up to Deadbeat Retreat later this summer! I’m thankful for the overall chop community and how supportive everyone has been on the build. It’s a great community to be a part of, and I’m honored people have given such a great response to the bike so far.

Most importantly, I want to thank my lovely wife-to-be Lindsay for her support and encouragement on this one. It took a while but we got it done! We are currently working on launching our clothing brand and custom bike shop called Raise Hell Motorcycle Co., so be on the lookout on my Instagram for that official launch in the very near future! We’ve got some pretty badass stuff in the works and can’t wait to share it with the community!

I’d also like to thank Lisa over at ChopCult for including me and the bike in this feature. ChopCult has been a long-time staple in the chop community and I’m honored to get to work with them on this and hopefully a lot more in the future. Thanks for all the support guys!

Your social media links- 

Website: TBA


Instagram: @Raise_Hell_Dailey 

Photos: Lindsay Guilfoil and our new clothing brand is @raisehellmotorcycleco

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