Loser Machine Co. Chops & Rod Show in Carlsbad, CA


Jack-o-lanterns and early sunsets are the signal for most American motorcycle and hot rod fanatics to put the old iron in cold storage and tool up for a winter of rust bucket refurb. Citizens of the Golden State see autumn as an opportunity to pull out the Pendletons and hit the scene.

This fall the guys at Loser Machine Co. took advantage of San Diego county's unseasonably warm weather to host their second annual Chops and Rods Show. The venue was Hensley's Pub and Grill in Carlsbad, CA, and the event brought out a who's who of hip cats from all over southern California.



We spoke to Kevin Kosha from Loser Machine Co. about the possibility of hosting more Chops and Rods events, and LMC's GM was quick to say he can almost guarantee it. Future venues for Loser's culture throwdown might include Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Francisco and Portland, Oregon. For more information, follow the LMC blog or watch the calendar section on ChopCult. In the mean time, enjoy the sunshine and good times vicariously through this CC pictorial.

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Commented on 10-29-2010 At 06:08 am

yes would love to see some action in SLC just NOT friday before the Salt its too much fun to get to the salt that day.. hint hint slc boys!!!

Commented on 10-29-2010 At 06:54 am

How about some Dallas love. It's plenty warm here. Just don't have it in July

Commented on 10-29-2010 At 09:28 am

Or August. My club helped a local car club sponsor a show in mid August and it was 115 with no shade. Sucked.

This show looked tits though, wish I coulda been there.

Commented on 10-29-2010 At 12:25 pm

i like the hammer hangin of buddys motor mount on the last bike ha ha; i want one.

Commented on 10-30-2010 At 10:04 pm

I missed another good show, next year for sure.

Commented on 11-4-2010 At 05:20 am

Diggin that 13 choppers van!

Commented on 11-5-2010 At 06:41 am

There was a lot of nice bikes! And alot of nice girls! I was pretty stoked to see my old CB chop there! I miss that lil sonbitch. Goodjob Loser MC.

Commented on 1-15-2011 At 02:42 pm

pic #5, #12 (rat rod) and pic #16 all custom work by G! check out his website for more pictures, bikes for sale or have him do custom work on your stuff!

Feel free to send an email about any questions of inquiries!

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