Before the day we met up to shoot this bike, I had never seen Tom Brennan's shovelhead in person. I got the idea to photograph it after seeing a photo Mike Vandegriff took at last year's Night of TROGlodytes in Wildwood, NJ. Mike captured it in available light, a little bit of fill, and swarmed by empties after an evening of generous consumption. I wanted to give it the same treatment in its native habitat, Tom's garage. When I arrived at his house, I noticed his shovel wasn't alone. It was encircled by several other bikes; I began to photograph the shovel, as she leaned, while Tom rolled out the extras. We had a great time talking as friends passed through to check out what we were up to. Some brought dogs; some brought beer. Before I knew it, I wasn't even working anymore and Tom’s girlfriend Kelly was bringing out the chips and dip. As the day turned into night, the light and shadows pointed us closer to the front of the garage and eventually into the driveway. The light was hard to beat, and I snapped a few more shots as the sun began to fade. - Mike



Name and location: Tom Brennan, Red Bank, NJ

CC profile: Triumph Tom



Engine, year and make, model, modifications: Harley-Davidson 1976 Shovelhead

Frame: 4 Speed Harley Rigid Frame, Fab Kevin hardtail



Fork: 12” Over Crusty Chrome Springer

Tire/wheel size and style: Rear- 16” Harley Wheel Shinko Tire Front- 17” Chrome Spool



Favorite thing about this bike: Stance, and paint job by Buddy Mills

Next modification will be: Jockey Shift



Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc.: Haifley King & Queen Seat



Thanks to Standard Cycle for help with the build; Buddy Mills for killer paint job; Uncle Carl, Randy, Buzz, Pat and AJ for always lending a helpful hand; my girl and Ziggy for putting up with the late nights in the garage. -Tom



Article and photographs by Mike Leslie / @formerlyasburymike

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