Led Sled's Kickable Evo Sporty


The Limpnickie Lot in Daytona was packed with neat bikes and innovative parts built by people who love custom motorcycles. One standout device was showcased on a bike built by the crew at Led Sled Customs: a kickstart conversion for the ubiquitous Evolution Sportster. Now, before you go hatin' with comments like "Why would you do that?" Think about the impracticality of riding a chopper in the first place.

Many of the modifications we make in the name of style often result in a more difficult machine to operate in one way or another. Why jockey shift instead of the proven hand clutch? Why an open primary when all that spinning meat grinder shit loves to bite your ankle? Why such a small tank when a set of 5-gallon fat bobs would give greater range? Why a magneto when perfectly good electronic ignitions exist?

Sometimes the added difficulty makes a bike more enjoyable. If this wasn't the case, we'd all be riding stock modern bikes. Being able to ditch the starter (even though this bike still has one) lightens things up, and kicking your bike to life after tuning it perfectly provides satisfaction no button could every duplicate. 

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1996 Sportster 1200

Frame: Ledsled Rigid

Fork: Ledsled Narrow Springer

Chassis mods: Up 2", Out 2"

Tire/wheel size and style: 21" Front, 16" Rear, 40 spoke

Tell us about the kickstart conversion. What parts does it include? Includes main shaft, kicker cover, kicker arm, and kicker pedal

How does it work? Replace main shaft. Kit includes custom made Ledsled gears that you install- then put the kicker cover on

Is it hard to install? This would be a good evening project

Rough retail price, and when do you think it'll be available? Price and availability coming soon

Favorite thing about this bike: I really like the whole bike, but obviously the kicker

Next modification will be: I have some new things in the works…

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Commented on 5-6-2011 At 03:16 am

Just saw this bike in ''The Horse'' without the kicker. Sweet little ride. LIke the bars a lot. Springer too.

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 03:41 am

A+. I need to get my hands on one of those springers for sure!

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 04:08 am

It's about time! I wonder if this will work on '80-'85 Ironheads, too?

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 04:28 am

Love the look as well as the kickstart it just would not look right without it! Great job love this ride!

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 05:13 am

ready to place my order.. today

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 05:32 am

Love the paint!

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 05:46 am

Is that patina powder-coated on?

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 06:06 am

First class sullied perfection

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 06:26 am

Real cool design wondering if it will be direct for buells as well :D

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 06:54 am

Love the Springer. Bike has a good look overall.

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 07:14 am

beautiful concept

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 07:22 am

The bike front to back is rad.... cant wait to find to want the retail on that kicker will be... You guys do awesome work....Keep on Rockin

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 08:46 am

This one of my favorite sportys. You guys did a hell of a job.

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 08:50 am

God damn I want one!

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 09:00 am

Aside from the fake patina, I think the bike is fucking awesome!

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 09:20 am

I really dig the tank design but that spring looks amazing.

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 10:10 am

Awesome sauce

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 10:59 am

I really dig the shifter pivot brace, and license place bracket... the fit to the case looks nice too

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 11:08 am

Diggin the aged copper look.

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 12:10 pm

I have never seriously considered crossing over to the MoCo until now. Sporty has only ever been the bike worth looking at, and that kicker is a game changer. How come no one ever did this before?

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 12:45 pm

Sweet bike! If anyone needs an explanation for a kicker conversion, they're on the wrong site. Nothing is more rock and roll than starting a bike with a mule kick.

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 01:13 pm

The Kicker needs no explanation.

I admire, and respect the engineering, innovative, brilliant. Looks to address many of the old problems with Sporty kickers. I'm interested in buying one right now. PM me with cost/availability. My brother Joel will probably want one too. This is set up is long overdue.

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 01:59 pm

Who said anything about the patina being fake? Copper plate the covers, sand them down and let nature take it's course. The rust color textured powder on the frame is legit....

I like everything about it. If I was gonna get into a sporty, or any HD, I would want it real similar this one, Evo and all.

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 03:10 pm

looks great! I like the bicycle mirror clipped to the handlebars, I actually used one of those to make a my sporty legal for the MC test

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 05:25 pm

Damn! I love that springer and I have been waiting for that kicker conversion for a long time. I'll take one of each please.

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 07:31 pm

Now THAT is one shit hot motorcycle . . . I'm loving everything about it. Well done, lads.

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 08:45 pm


Commented on 5-6-2011 At 08:48 pm

Love the layout and trick bits 'n pieces..Tha' springer is nniiccee. Must be critical about one thing, though... Been ridin' a flat black rat for decades and I am amazed at tha' trend to make new bikes look "old". Tha' kicker is cool. It's practical... But tha' "patina"? One of the commenters even asked if it was powder coated (!!??). Since when do you powdercoat something to make it look worn? Since when does a true rat wear powdercoating? Guess I'm showin' my age 'cause I jus' don't get it. You wanna' bike that looks rode hard and put away wet? Then you buy bike, ride it HARD and put it away WET... You don't BUY it that way. Sorry for tha' rant. Y'all stay safe out there. ~Squirts

Commented on 5-6-2011 At 10:19 pm

love it..want one bad....looks like it wont work with stock mid controls????? also how do u get the cases to go like that, mine are knocked about and ratty lookin, and id love em to do that....

Commented on 5-7-2011 At 02:11 am

Don't agree with the seat. The whole bike has a weathered patina look to it, than you have this nicely stitched custom leather seat with zero age to it. Wrap that seat in an old brown bomber jacket, and its right at home. This is only a small thing though, the bike as a whole is AWESOME, with some incredible engineering!

Commented on 5-7-2011 At 02:43 am

Cool bike, oil tank needs to be notched and moved back.
It's not a patina paint, it is a red primmer look.
Love the kicker.

Commented on 5-7-2011 At 08:57 am

I really dig that ignition cover.

Commented on 5-7-2011 At 12:34 pm

Hate hate hate...I am not sure if I would ever want to post up a bike that I have spent my sweat and time on here to listen to all of this...I know that most of the dudes on here all are custom fab guys so whatever they said about the bike I would go with that. In my opinion to each his own and if that if that is what you saw in your mind and then you built it that way then you did a great job. You did get everyone talking though.

Commented on 5-7-2011 At 03:27 pm

Having already bought a hardtail and belt to chain conversion kit from LedSled,i will no doubt buy the kicker,looks cool,less cluter on the bars,less wiring,and the springer looks cool.cant wait to see how much these are gonna be!

Commented on 5-7-2011 At 08:23 pm

If there was some hardwood on it'd be the only Steampunk Evo
Sportster ever seen..Maybe just the "first"

Commented on 5-7-2011 At 08:41 pm

oops, forgot that it'd need some brass as well.
True also of their "mercury.'

Commented on 5-7-2011 At 10:04 pm


Commented on 5-8-2011 At 01:23 pm

The kicker kit is great. I wish this had come out when I still had my '96 1200. Makes me look at the evo sporty in a new light. Keep up the cool work guys.

Commented on 5-8-2011 At 04:56 pm

Kick ass bike!. Gonna get me one of them kickers

Commented on 5-8-2011 At 06:48 pm

Love the whole concept gives me some inspiration

Commented on 5-9-2011 At 11:07 pm

daaamn son,

Commented on 5-10-2011 At 03:11 am

Led sled kicks ass ! Good dudes to deal with too.

Commented on 5-10-2011 At 09:04 am

look at that patina!

Commented on 5-12-2011 At 11:11 am

Love the look, springer pretty much seals the deal

Commented on 5-12-2011 At 11:11 am

Love the look, springer pretty much seals the deal

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