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Whether you're a student or teacher in the BMX scene, chances are you went to school on words and photos conceived by Keith Mulligan. This three-time El Diablo Runner and Brit bike aficionado's images and insights have populated the pages of SNAP, Transworld, and Ride BMX magazines. With a career spanning 15 years, "Mulligan Stew's" dedication and longevity in BMX media are unrivaled.

Keith was bitten by the motorcycle bug in 2005, and scratched that itch on EDR I in the spring of 2006. His bike on that adventure was an ever-faithful but always-failing rigid unit Triumph. A man of few words and even less excuses, Keith soldiered through miles of motor misery and Triumph turmoil to take third place in the El Diablo Run Bike show on his tattered Triumph two years running.

On EDR III, Keith left his two-time winner in the garage and headed south of the border on a brand-new Hinckley Thruxton. If going ton-up on the shores of Baja doesn't sound fun, you're probably not the bikerider you think you are. There's no shame in riding reliable iron when the opportunity arises, and Keith makes no apologies for doing so. When you make a living laying in ditches and hanging out of helicopters with a camera, you don't have to.

Many of the photographs documenting the fun and excitement of the first three EDR's were shot by Keith Mulligan and BMXers like him. When next year's El Diablo Run rolls south, our guess is Stew will be there, Thruxton pinned and Canon DSLR blazing.

Until that day comes, please enjoy these images from Keith's exploits on past Baja adventures, and learn more about next year's EDR here.



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Commented on 10-6-2010 At 11:05 am

nice bike! clean and functional!
killer paint!!!

Commented on 10-6-2010 At 11:05 am

nice bike! clean and functional!
killer paint!!!

Commented on 10-6-2010 At 11:23 am

Nice bike, I really like everything about this bike. Good Job!!!

Commented on 10-6-2010 At 01:14 pm

simple, clean, sexy!

Commented on 10-6-2010 At 01:41 pm

thas a rad bike. i had been down wit his work for years, had no idea he was into choppers aswell. Awsome.

Commented on 10-7-2010 At 03:58 pm

awesome to see him getting more coverage.

Commented on 10-7-2010 At 04:54 pm

Super cool Triumph, Keith is a really good dude as well

Commented on 10-24-2010 At 03:15 pm

nice and simple, top looking bike.

Commented on 11-28-2010 At 06:07 am

Well, just the way I like it.
Slick paint, clean "blings free" bike.

Great one mate.

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