Jimmy Monk's 2001 Sportster


One of the cool things about Sporties is how flexible the format is. These reliable and fun bikes make fine choppers, blobbers, mobbers, boogers, whatever you wanna call 'em these days. This machine is a stunning example of what can be done when a talented builder gets ahold of one with the pure intent of putting the "Sport" back in "Sportster". This bike was a long term project for Brandon Holstein of Brawny Built / Speed Merchant. His buddy, Jimmy Monk was staying with him while it was in progress and called first dibs if it ever went up for sale. And the rest, as they say, is history.



Owner name, location: Jimmy Monk, worldwide

Engine, year and make, model, modifications:   2001 HD 1200 Sportster. High Comp Wiseco pistons w/ Andrews N-6 cams. One-off exhaust, w/ modified Thunderheader can.

Frame: Stock HD

Fork: 39mm. Racetech emulators w/ our Speed Merchant preload adjustable fork caps.  Cusotm fork guards/dust caps.

Chassis mods: 15" Progressive rear shocks. Fiberglass tailsection w/ struts removed.

Tire/wheel size and style: Rear wheel is 16" x 3.00, w/ Bridgstone Battlax 150 tire. Front wheel is 16" x 3.00, w/ Bridgstone Battlax 120 tire.

Favorite thing about this bike: Custom fork guards. 

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: Custom number plate w/ HID light, and built in dash (speedo, switch, oil pressure light). Speed Merchant bars, stepped for 7/8" controls.  6-piston PM w/13" rotor up front. 4-piston PM w/11.5" rotor in the rear. Custom made rearset foot control. Speed Merchant derby cover. 520 chain conversion. Joker quick throttle. Nissin front master cylinder. ASV clutch lever.

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Commented on 5-30-2012 At 07:03 am

Good job on putting the "Sport" back in Sporty! I have a set of Norman Hyde M bars on mine and people are diggin the look...I like people to see my bike and know it's mine, not just another Sporty Chop clone.

Commented on 5-30-2012 At 07:08 am

Man that front brake rotor looks mean! I like it.

Commented on 5-30-2012 At 07:12 am

I love the thunderheader with the uncircumcised dick tip!
Did the same thing!

Commented on 5-30-2012 At 07:33 am

Slick! Love it.

Commented on 5-30-2012 At 07:53 am

what a clean bike! love all the cool details. never seen a quick throttle before...pretty cool looking

Commented on 5-30-2012 At 09:43 am


Love the pipe.

Commented on 5-30-2012 At 10:05 am

Only an abrasive Brit like James Monk would ride a bike with a tiny headlight and no butt.

Commented on 5-30-2012 At 10:20 am

Great bike for everyday urban assaults! Perfect lane splitter!

Commented on 5-30-2012 At 11:07 am

SM, always killing it.

Commented on 5-30-2012 At 11:07 am

Very nice! Bars are killer.

Commented on 5-30-2012 At 12:44 pm

Deffinatley sporty!!

Commented on 5-30-2012 At 01:00 pm

Mr Monk is the least abrasive Brit I've ever met.

Cool bike.

Commented on 5-30-2012 At 05:57 pm

Really dig it. Well done handmade bits with function in mind.

On a side note, I have a set of emulators and SM preload adjusters that I cant wait to put in my forks.

Commented on 5-30-2012 At 10:47 pm

Excellent craftsmanship, SM.
She is a canyon racer and a lane splitter for sure.

Commented on 5-30-2012 At 11:26 pm

hell yesss! thats the business right there; a near-perfect example of how sick the evo sportster platform can be with a true craftsman spinning wrenches/wielding torches.. i have to agree it looks like a true urban assault bike. the only thing i'm not sold on is those dual 16" wheels.. i bet it turns hella quick & carves like a racebike but to my eye the setup would benefit from 19" front & rear with that same fat rubber.. the front end looks a little off to me with the tall forks/little hoop.. other than that i love it; Speed Merchant destroys once again! i also have never seen a joker quick throttle before--looks sick; curious what performance benefits it offers..?

Commented on 5-31-2012 At 01:30 am

Would be a very good daily rider. I want one :)

Commented on 5-31-2012 At 01:27 pm

Brandon/Speed merchant build bikes and a bitchin line of parts made for guys who truly ride. I took a trip to their shop Sunday and was truly impressed and inspired to see what these guys are all about. Get out and ride.....

Commented on 5-31-2012 At 02:34 pm

Rode from NYC to NC with Monk on this scoot. I tooled around on it for a spell, really neat bike and fast!


Commented on 5-31-2012 At 05:03 pm

Tons of function with just enough fashion... My tins would be satin black with gloss gunmetal graphics... just sayin'.

Either way, I would romp the piss outta this bike!!!

Commented on 5-31-2012 At 06:46 pm

that's rad, so clean looking.

Commented on 5-31-2012 At 08:56 pm

This guy came into my shop today. He's a good dude with positive energy and it shows in his machine.

Commented on 6-5-2012 At 04:39 am

Here's to pretty girls with plain faces. The UK had them on BBC, now they have them for bikes. :)

Commented on 2-10-2015 At 07:48 pm

It's got to be a blast to ride! Super clean.

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