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Wink Eller has been setting land speed records since some of us were just a gleam in our parent’s eyes. Winkcurrently holds 68 land speed records which he has earned at El Mirage Dry Lakes and the Bonneville Salt Flats.



When he's not reaching for the gold, you can find him in his shop, wrenching on a customers bike or two. Wink's Custom Cycles is located in Orange, California and provides a magnitude of services for all makes and models. From a basic oil change, small modifications and the possiblity of a full custom build. Wink truly offers a full service shop with onsite machine shop he can help with all your engine repair / rebuild and performance needs.



Many people have turned to Wink when they have issues or just need a second opinion. Wink has seen it all and has probably fixed it once or twice in his 35 years of service. He is a genius for thinking outside the box and fabricating one off pieces that help you get back on the road.



When you enter the shop, you step back in time. Numerous record and trophies adorn the walls of front lobby as well as Wink’s latest builds, The S&S X Wedge and his 1st Born Free Bike, The American Flyer,, his second Born Free bike, that he built for his wife Dee, all proudly stand together in this space. He created Dee's bike using his famed Red October land speed bike as the donor.  You can normally find Dee in the office keeping the shop running smooth and Wink tinkering in the back. Music rarely plays but I bet they have bought a few copies of The Fastest Indian and Any Given Sunday as they are always playing in the background. Wink prides himself on a clean shop and every tool has a place; I have never seen tool boxes so well organized to this day.



I had the pleasure to watch Wink put the S&S Wedge together for final assembly awhile back. On the ground was a huge blanket of newly power coated parts organized neatly and in order. Over a few days, the blanket became empty and the bike was a runner. He seemed to work at a pace that is inhuman for most, all the while telling us stories of the past. Every time he spoke of the salts, racing or engine power, his face brightens and the biggest shit eating grin takes over his face. Racing is in this man's blood.




I was sadden to hear that Wink will be retiring from racing this year. Wink will be taking his last runs during The Bub Speed Trials at The Bonneville Salt Flats on August 24 - 29, 2013. He's striving for a record of 200+ MPH on his S&S X-Wedge motorcycle. If you are attending be sure to visit his pit and wish him much success. 




For more information, please visit his website and give him a like on Facebook

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P.S.- I respect a well orginized tool box

Commented on 8-12-2013 At 05:26 pm

I've known Wink for 20 + years, he's always been a great source of wisdom and experience and a good friend.
I am aware his health is an issue for the racing but I hope he will not be hanging up the wrenches, he's one of the few Harley mechanics I would ever trust

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