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TC Bros. Choppers came on my radar a few years ago mainly because they were building the kind of bikes I dig on. I'm no elitist when it comes to raw material... I realize not everyone can afford a Pan or Shovel, as a starting point. I'm always amazed with what can be done with vintage Jap bikes, alternative power-plants or Sportsters. TC Bros. seemed to be catering to this type of alternative builder so I wanted to find out more.



I had heard a few rumors that they were sliver spoon kids whose family was in manufacturing. The truth was refreshing, these guys are 100% self made. Their folks are hard working, blue collar Ohioan's and there grandfather is in the honorable position of still owning a family run farm. Tim and Tyler admitted it's their working class roots that gave them the work ethic and tools they needed to get their business off the ground. Starting their company while working regular day jobs and attending college. They worked for 4 years with out drawing a dime from the company coffers and at 25 and 28 I found them to be wise beyond their years. These guys can serve as an example to others that want to start a motorcycle related business. It takes guts hard work and a willingness to make sacrifices.



Being builders themselves meant they developed a line of commonsense parts for home builders that solve problems that many garage mechanics encounter. I especially liked that many of the parts will work on many different models. The universal hardtail kit with laser cut axle plates is a very cool piece for the alternative builder and personally I try to keep a couple on hand at all times.



I asked them what they would like to say to young builders trying to navigate the perils of starting a motorcycle related business. The answer was a resounding "stay in school." Tyler has a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and Tim is a professionally trained fabricator and welder with a college degree as well. This fact helps set the bar high for their products in terms of design and quality. You can check them out at and give them some love on their Facebook page  and Instagram

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Commented on 6-20-2013 At 02:18 pm

Great story. Your builds are awesome! There are some great builders in the buckeye state.

Commented on 6-20-2013 At 04:31 pm

I got some stuff from them. Quality parts.

Commented on 6-20-2013 At 07:22 pm

been a fan of t.c. brothers for a few years and they really sparked my love for the vintage Japanese bikes. Good to see that they are just getting bigger and bigger

Commented on 6-21-2013 At 09:36 am

been dealing with these guy for a few years now and its been great!!!

Commented on 6-21-2013 At 09:49 am

Used all their parts when building my XS, all quality stuff with awesome customer service.

What tires are on the black and green bike?

Commented on 6-24-2013 At 05:37 am

Some of the best customer service in the industry.I ordered a hardtail from them, and was shocked at just how quickly it arrived at my house in Massachusetts, it was on my porch in under 72 hours. I had a small issue with my build, which was all my fault, and Tyler explained how to remedy the situation over the phone, in a professional manner.
I sold the bike, but still use the free beer can koozie that came with it...

Commented on 8-19-2013 At 07:50 am

Thumbs up!

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