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With The Gypsy Run just 10 days away I thought now would be a good time to take a look inside Kickstart Cycle Supply and share some of the shots I took on a recent visit. I had business in NYC and I would not have felt right if I didn't scoot over the bridge to visit Walter.



He is the man behind the Gypsy Run and a real lead dog in the East Coast grassroots scene. His no bullshit attitude and dedication to the culture have earned him the nick name "The nicest tough guy in New Jersey" and I think its fitting. Many could learn a lesson from how this brother conducts himself, his events and his shop. 



I spent the afternoon hanging out watching as a rare KHK project was coming to life, while listening to the comings and goings of customers and friends. I kept thinking this is what most guys dream of... I was overwhelmed by all the little details around the shop, folk art pieces, rare motors, and a well stocked fridge were icing on the cake. Very few shops have this kind of ambiance.  I don't know if our readers geek out the way I do over a meticulously organized boutique dream shop... but I can tell you I do and I was very impressed with the attention to detail, cleanness and overall artistic feel of the place. I could look at pictures of the place all day noticing a new detail each time. 



Walter has a proper leather Vest he designed with Vanson Leathers and some interesting projects he is working on so check out his site here . Enjoy the pics and show some support by attending the Gypsy Run if you can. It’s companies like Kick Start Cycle Supply and guys like Walter that make the scene we love what it is. 



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Commented on 9-5-2013 At 08:50 am

I went on my first Gypsy Run in 2011 (GR5) mainly due to Walter. I didnt know him, let alone know anyone on the run but Walter made it seem cool to do this, on any bike you were riding. I watched all the videos and updates he would post and really got me excited about it. I was on an old Honda Ascot and when I was picking up my swag on Saturday night, he asked me, "What did you ride here on?" "A Honda Ascot", I replied. "What the HELL is an Ascot?!" Walter yelled. We both laughed for a bit. Always a great time and really looking forward to this one.

Thanks Walter for all you do.

Commented on 9-5-2013 At 11:20 am

Tools neatly lined up...

Pictures perfectly plum...

I've never seen this side of Walter!

Commented on 9-6-2013 At 06:54 am

I've only had the pleasure of talking with Walter just a couple of times but he's a straight up cat. Hopefully I'll get to party with the crew on GR this year.

Commented on 9-9-2013 At 06:46 am

nothing beats Walter in terms of friendliness, helpfulness, and of course, hugs.! see you soon buddy.

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