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The black hole of cheap, poor quality, biker fashion that seemed to be a veritable sea of fluorescent doo rags, tribal skulls, and billet junk for the last 20 years is finally imploding on itself. Tradition and quality are making a comeback and I couldn’t be happier about it. I have long sought out high quality leather and denim goods but it was never an easy chore; often being expensive and requiring ordering from multiple companies. Then, I found the gem that is Genuine Motorworks. On a recent trip to NYC I had some time to kill between shoots so I stopped by the store in Brooklyn. My senses were immediately amazed by a virtual kaleidoscope of awesome motorcycles stuff and the smell of premium leather goods. I kept saying to myself as I perused the goods, “this is the right stuff”!



Now, before anyone starts thinking this editorial is just a drippy advertising piece about some FNG brand, let’s take a look at who is behind the collection that makes up Genuine Motorworks. Elisa Seeger, wife of Bobby Seeger of Indian Larry Motorcycles, has applied her knowledge of the motorcycle world to create a unique offering of mostly American made goods. Now, when I say “mostly,” I mean 99%. The ethos is that foreign products are only used in cases where there are no affordable American made counterparts.



This attention to detail creates a selection of products that any traditional motorcyclist would appreciate. On a recent call with Elisa we shot the breeze about the tragic decline in American manufacturing in the last 20 years, how it has affected our society, and the quality of the products consumers can choose from. For Genuine Motorworks, Elisa has especially focused on supporting brands that are American made while offering products that are reasonably priced.



In doing so, she has simplified choices for consumers by grouping together brands that make sense and are not overpriced. To haters or skeptics that would say $200 for boots is not affordable, let’s talk about what kind of boots you get for the money. Sure, you can get boots at Walmart for $45, but they will not last you 10 years when well cared for. And, it’s very likely that they will be made by child laborers. It really is a case of getting what you pay for. I believe this is especially true of motorcycle apparel and goods.



If you’re in Brooklyn, it’s really worth stopping in to check out the store in person. For those of you dotted around the country that are looking for a one-stop motorcycle apparel shop, check out the website at Be sure to give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram as well.


Remember: support those that support you! Both Genuine Motorworks and Indian Larry Motorcycles are part of our advertising community and their support continues to keep Chop Cult free for all of us.


‘Til next time, keep it between the ditches and the shiny side up.

 - Bear

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Commented on 4-7-2014 At 12:25 pm

Sweet place!!

Commented on 4-7-2014 At 12:27 pm

Cool I was worrying where I could pick up a believable chopper uniform before born free. Red wings check, $300 vest check, $35 trucker check, at least flame job du rags were cheap enough to where I could have a chopper (which I thought was the important part) and be able to try and look cool at the time.
Did chopcult become adcult?

Commented on 4-7-2014 At 12:37 pm

nah man, it's all good. their prices are pretty reasonable for US made products. no such thing as a 300$ vest.

Commented on 4-7-2014 At 12:47 pm

Whaddya mean, you don't have a believable chopper uniform already?! Who let this guy in here?!

Seriously chopemall, why hate on someone for operating a business? Don't like it? Don't shop there. I was going to remind you that WalMart is still operating, but Bear beat me to it.

Commented on 4-7-2014 At 01:21 pm

I can see where chopmall is coming from with the tees being almost $40, but the other stuff (Jackets, Apron, etc.) are american made and comparable to other USA made stuff that isnt sold in a mega store somewhere.

Commented on 4-7-2014 At 01:54 pm


fashion ? really ???

Commented on 4-7-2014 At 03:22 pm

This is now a fashion scene, don't use quality as an excuse. If people were so worried about quality why the hell do they by an AMF just to ride down to trico or a place like this to buy a $250 eat dust vest? Call me an asshole I don't care, I'm not saying anybody is a poser hipster sucker blah blah blah, I just think this shit is blowing up and the side effect is a chopper fashion scene that charges guys to be on the "in" club. Not tattooed from head to toe? Not rocking some underground chopper tee shirt you paid $40 on a no name blog? Don't have a picture of you surfing your ironhead loaded with all survivor parts? sorry bro you ain't cool enough to roll with us. Make fun of flame job du rags all you want, we'll be laughing about chopper fashion boutiques in 5-10 years.

Commented on 4-7-2014 At 05:47 pm

The most important point to remember is: support those that support you! Both Genuine Motorworks and Indian Larry Motorcycles are part of our advertising community and their support continues to keep Chop Cult free for all of us. Genuine Motorworks is run with eye on quality, function and American made goods at reasonable prices.

If you posted something positive once an a while that might balance it out but this is now multiple features I see you post things to turn a story into a shit fest or that are inherently negative, and it make your beef less credible if all you do is complain.

Why are you not talking about the more articulate point of the tragic decline in American manufacturing in the last 20 years, how it has affected our society, and the quality of the products consumers can choose from.

I honestly wonder if you did more than read the first paragraph.

Common bro lighten up and have a little respect for the good folks that run Genuine Motorworks


Commented on 4-7-2014 At 06:03 pm

Next discussion- beard implants. God this place sucks. No wonder everyone good left.

Commented on 4-7-2014 At 06:40 pm

ohh ohh they have Beard implants! Well I ready have a beard... how about beard extensions! Yeah now we're talking about a marketable product! They would have to be made form horse ass hair for sure. Maybe a free do rag and some live to ride beads in them! -Bear

Commented on 4-7-2014 At 06:57 pm

Cool looking setup!! Needs a HD n shop.. its Nyc..American made products r gett'n harder to find now days! Make sure they stay 100% American made.
Maybe i don't shop there. Rather have Options than none at all. Hey if they got the money to buy so be it... "Live to Ride".. Maybe i missed the bike part.
At least the American dream lives. Good Luck on your Store!

By Bikers for Bikers!!
" Ole Skool Rules"

Commented on 4-7-2014 At 07:25 pm

this place is to motorcycles what hot topic is to punk *face palm*

Commented on 4-7-2014 At 07:59 pm

Thanks for summing up what I was trying to say in one sentence sinister. Bear, you would be the one pissed I had something bad to say about the article you wrote. It ain't my fault this is a chopper website with trendy clothes shopping as its main news feature, there isn't even a picture of even a lousy bike parked out front......WTF......I guess its time for the "What are you wearing?" thread.

Commented on 4-7-2014 At 08:53 pm

great write up Bear. I have some Genuine Motorworks stuff. I appreciate their attempts at selling american made quality stuff. It gets hard to buy US made stuff, clothes, tools, cuz its easy to stock made in china stuff. Chopcult is a free forum/site.....

Commented on 4-8-2014 At 12:43 am

I cannot believe you guys endorse this shit. I guess it will take a few years for the hipsters to move on to their next abomination.

Commented on 4-8-2014 At 02:27 am

I could buy a handful of $30-$40+ "American Made" shirts from "cool" shops/blogs etc. or I could buy 15 American made blanks, have them screen printed by a local business and have shirts forever for the same price. Then I'd be even more cool with my limited run of totally obscure white on black shirts. I'll out hipster you hipsters and do it for cheaper, that's American Made. The companies that charge that much for a shirt are selling a name/image. Example: The Indian Larry vest for $100 is a $25 Red Kap vest with some embroidery and a name that makes up the other $75.

I'm not a boot maker so I can justify spending the money on a pair of boots that will last me close to forever but expensive boots and expensive t-shirts are two different things. I support the business idea and what it stands for and I'll try to swing in the next time I'm on the east coast but after cruising that website, I'm guessing it'll be to browse.

AMFshovelheads - $300 vests aren't hard to find when you're buying a name.

Commented on 4-8-2014 At 03:06 am

I agree with everything that Arsenal said. If Chopmall has pissed anybody off so what, it's his opinion. He's entitled to it. I did agree with some of what Chopmall said. As I just mentioned if what Chopmall says gets your "dander" all up,could it be that he hit a nerve. If, and I do mean if they are selling over priced goods on the premise of "buy American or "made in America" just don't frigging shop there. Other wise just go ride your chop and be happy. Or in the case of being a hipster go park it in the driveway so everybody can ogle it as they drive by, nuff said.

Commented on 4-8-2014 At 03:41 am

My hands smell like taco meat...

Commented on 4-17-2014 At 09:26 am

No one on earth is a unique individual at some point in our minuscule existence we have all been influenced by someone that may have change our outlook on life, even to the point of which boot is slipped on first. Look at Indian Larry for example he was used by marketing to bring this fashion to head. He was an emblem and an icon of choppers and fashion a decade ago and still is. This shop would have never come to existence if it wasn’t for Larry’s craftsmanship that caught the eyes of the marketing sharks and brought forth this so-called “hipster” biker culture. I'm sure all he wanted to do was build rad innovative bikes that other bike builders would see and want to emulate.
I hate the idea of a sub-culture becoming cool to rich trust fund babies BUT they too will have an influence on this scene. For one thing they have helped bring back countless old "Japanese, Korean, British", small displacement motos that "bikers" mock. If anything their helping rid the shitty biker stigmata out of our culture. We all want to be cool in someone’s eyes and no one wants to get harassed by a cop cuz of a stupid mirror law. Hipsters are aiding this change. I'm pretty sure most people on here don't want to be perceived by society as being an individual that doesn't give a shit about law-n-order and only cares about getting fucked up with their brothers and causing chaos just to piss off the squares.
Every generation will have their 23 year olds living the "cool" scene off of their parents earned or inherited money. We as a culture must let the course take its effect. At some point the hipsters will realize they can't go on livin' the dream of fashionable shit and fast fads. Most will move on to other shit, some will stay and the rest will die with Heroin in their veins. But until then, shops like this are going to pop up everywhere. I can't afford to buy this shit, nor do I want too, I can barely keep my scoot off the lift. But, I’ll drag my bloody oil stained hands over to the hipster moto coffee shop and sit and bullshit with some other cat that has the same thing in common as me, the love for bikes all bikes. People need to just get over their own shit before they judge what’s cool. I'm all about American made products and services especially bench vises, woman, beer and old Harleys! If only a shop could open up and offer these at a reasonable price!
The only thing bad about what’s happening to our culture is inflation of prices. It’s getting ridiculous to find old parts at reasonable prices cuz these shit head hipsters are buying everything up and selling it in little shops on ebay at inflated prices in hopes of keeping their dream alive of being 23 forever.

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