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It’s that time of year, the leaves are dropping, and old man winter is telling us that he is on his way. As cold as it may get, we here at Basket Case Magazine are doing everything we can to bring some straight fire into your hands to keep you warm at night. Issue number six is full of memories, rides, bikes and some of the most banging women around. From the Rogues MC to the Redwood Rumble, we guarantee you will not be disappointed. Heres a sneak peek into what we came up with for Issue #6.



Redwood Rumble, 2017 – What I’ve noticed over the years is that sometimes events fall flat on their faces, and sometimes they come out of the barrel screaming. For a first annual event, the Redwood Rumble was nothing short of amazing. Over 900 people walked through the gate on July 29th in the sunny beach town of Santa Cruz. We started the day with a scenic ride through the majestic redwoods that ended up at the event at the stroke of 2 pm. Let me just give you an idea of what the pack looked like. After racing through the narrow mountain roads above Santa Cruz, the pack ejected onto the coast and took over the infamous Highway 1. The coastal fogged licked our faces as we merged onto Mission St. This stretch of Highway 1 slows down with lots of stop lights through the west side of town. We were four bikes wide, shoulder to shoulder taking up both lanes of traffic. We had blockers at each intersection, and our congression of bikes was a sight to see as all the cages stopped what they were doing and pulled out their cell phones to take pictures and video of over 200 choppers mashing through the streets. When I led the pack into the gates of the event, I was blown away to see that there was already a massive gathering of people and bikes that spanned the entire property. It was at this exact moment that my heart began to race with the pressures of organizing such a large event. I mean we had hopes of there being on the top end maybe 500 people… We had a big chopper show and Dyna FXR show with some top-notch awards given out. It was refreshing to see so many people from all over the country ride into the event. Made me proud to be a part of something so big. Lee Bender took the honors of writing the event section, and I’m not sure he needs much of an introduction.



Little Jen – I have personally ridden many miles next to this little firecracker. She holds her own more than some dudes that I know. What’s more is that she brings her inspiration from her years of riding and from the people she’s met along the way into her artwork. Her machine and brush tell her tales from the road, and she has made quite a name for herself over the years. Based out of Prunedale, CA. She can be found tattooing in the Monterey Bay area along with many guest spots around the nation. Keep an eye on this one; she’s going places.



Jay Fortin – Our chief Photog, Holly Anderson, sat down with Jay Fortin over the summer and gave him an opportunity to tell his story from front to back. Take a trip down memory lane and eat your heart out as you gaze upon the work of someone who stands shoulder to shoulder with the finest leather craftsman around.



Irene – Oh man… this one. THIS ONE! Yeeeeewwww! We couldn’t be happier with what we were able to line up for the builder feature this issue. We teamed up the immensely talented Hudge and his old faithful Panhead with a blonde BOMBSHELL named Skye. The shoot took place inside of F/U Tattoo in Santa Cruz. The details of this bike combined with the blonde locks and curves will leave you breathless. No joke.



Debbie Fitch – No words needed here, Debbie has a way with her camera’s that captivates the mind and soul. Her photos will give you much inspiration for many miles ahead.



Ronnie Fucking Marshall – Nor Cal legend right here. Plain and simple. This dude has been there and done that. He can cut a rug too! Ronnie tells his story from the days of skating for scarecrow skateboards and racing BMX, through his glory days and winds up with what he’s up to nowadays. Ronnie is an old soul, and his laugh will make anyone smile. Do you want to know what it was like partying with the bikers of days past? Spend a weekend with Ronnie, and you’ll have a firsthand experience under your belt. I am proud to call him a friend and I respect this dude more than he will ever know.



Rogues MC – Based out of Opmeer in the north of Holland, the Rogues have set the trend since 1979. I don’t know about you, but that’s when I was born! What a pleasure it has been to get to know the boys from the Rogues MC and their families. Beer and his crew have been riding choppers since day fucking one. Take a trip across the pond with us as we bring you into the clubhouse and share the history of the second oldest club in Holland.

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Editors Note: We have teamed up with Basket Case Magazine to give away this sweet custom BCM leather belt created by Danielle, a new 6” BCM embroidered hat, as well as a one year sub to their magazine starting with Issue 6. Click here to enter. We'll announce the winner on November 20, 2017. Best of luck!

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