Hot Off The Press: Basket Case Magazine Issue #9


We are proud to announce the arrival of Issue #9 of our beloved Basket Case Chopper Magazine. Every once in a while, magazine content seems to produce itself. Stories inside of our world present themselves, and we are given the task of putting them onto paper. This is something we have taken on as our life goal to help preserve our little a place in history. There are other times that the history of our world needs a little more effort to be explored and shared. The content is out there, and often we need to saddle up and lean into the turns as the stories begin to unfold. Issue #9 aims to do some of both, capturing current events and searching out some history that deserves to be told the way it actually happened, from the mouths of those who lived it.



Take a trip with us across the pond to The London Assembly Show. The magical photos of Frida Algerstam and words from Stuart Turner take you on the floor at the event. House of Vans sponsors this awe-inspiring event, this show isn’t just about shiny show bikes but choppers that were ridden right into the show the night before from the Netherlands and beyond.



We are honored to showcase the photographic works of Debbie Fitch again in this issue, with a feature and interview with the man himself, Gentry Dayton. Check out some of Deb’s images of Gentry with his family, and learn more about some of the leatherwork that helps to consume his life between lawn mowing and nap time.



Our featured bike this issue was masterfully handcrafted by Salinas legend, Aaron Elliott. What better way to show off the curves of his bike than to accent them with the curves of the lovely Foxxie propped up in front of the iconic Evergreen Cemetery located in Santa Cruz, CA. The details and craftsmanship on this bike are uncanny, and Aaron tells us the details and specs. You won't want to miss out on this playful centerfold....



Get Lost in Appalachia with Jerimiah Smith, our photographer feature of this issue. In his recently published book, Jerimiah’s images take you on a journey thru the Southeastern US with a chopper crew called the Haints.



Finally, get an inside look at the Boise Chapter of Brother Speed MC. The BSMC club has 50 years of heritage and brotherhood in building bikes and riding the living fuck out of them. Learn how they got started and about their principles. Read about real-life stories from the road and about their time racing the Bonneville Salt Flats. This is an interview that many have tried to garner, but none have accomplished. The old-timers of the club sit down and give our readers a once in a lifetime peak into their real history. Big thanks to all the BSMC members who made this happen. It was a complete honor to sift thru the boxes of 1970’s photos of past and present members on their choppers. Real club-life preserved on faded polaroids and photo paper. Many clubs have come and gone during the reign of the Brothers Speed MC in the Pacific Northwest. We hope you sit down and crack open a cold one in your garage as you take a walk back in time with a group who has literally been there and done that.



Club life is all about respect. The stories and history we preserve in our magazine are shared with each clubs permission and approval. Too often in today’s world, we see individuals attempting to capitalize on and monetize pieces of history that were not theirs, to begin with. Please keep that in mind as you explore the history of each club that we feature in our magazine. Respect is a two-way street.



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We appreciate your ongoing support,

Josh, Holly, and Ian

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