Hood Bush 2014


The end of July always marks a time of celebration on my calendar. Dusty Ciborosky and Justin Mulry, from Showclass Magazine, are based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Over the past few years, they have put together one of the gnarliest parties one could ever imagine called Hood Bush. It’s a chopper fest like no other, where anything goes. It attracts the best dudes and babes from all over the Midwest and Canada. Choppers take over the highways, mountains of Pabst fill truck beds, and people play risky choppy games. Let’s not forget some of the best bikes the Midwest can offer. The feeling that anything and everything could happen in an instant and nothing is set in stone left for a real uncertainty this year. Everything happens for a reason. Each year Hood Bush has been different than the last because of crazy scenarios no one could ever predict.



Last year, we got run out by the police in less than an hour of the show. This year, the landlord of the Valley was being a super big prick and would not allow the party or anyone to camp on the grounds. With quick thinking, Dusty moved the entire thing to the pre-party spot. Tom Hinderholtz, the owner of the pre-party property, came to the rescue and definitely saved Hood Bush. He was super generous to allow us all to ride from the Valley to his property and do whatever we pleased. The biggest thank you ever goes out to Tom for everything. Without Tom, there wouldn’t have been a Hood Bush this year.



Cases of beer were stacked forever high, and the aroma of meats cooking on the grill was in the air, while cornfields and woods set the backdrop as bikes roared up and down the grass on Tom’s property. It was a beautiful site to house a bunch of motorbikes and to have a crazy party. People played in the cornfields and, if you looked beyond, there was a tent city pushed back behind the large barn. Bikes were everywhere with no real order or way of parking. There was a hill in the middle of the property where the bike show was held. People lay under trees to avoid the hot sun when it peeked out from behind the clouds. One thing I noticed was that no one was glued to their cellphone. Everyone seemed to enjoy each other’s company while they talked about the rad bikes around them.



None of the bikes got to jump through a mud bath this year, so it made for a lot more people willing to get risky in other ways. The choppy games made for a real crowd-pleaser. Bikes were dumped, people fell off at slow speeds, and dudes risked it all to see how many people they could ride with on their bike at one time. Everyone had the biggest smiles on their faces, laughing and trying their luck. It was super chaotic. This is the shit I live for. I’m pretty sure my friend, Carlos, got 15 or more people on his bike and rode it a few hundred feet. It’s pretty insane to think about, let alone to see in person. Charlie, the “greybeard“ of Milwaukee, won the 2-up slow races and the eight ball competition. That dude is a legend in the motorcycle community up there and I was super stoked to meet him and witness his victories. There were two dudes doing a “real” nuts to butts, need I say more on that one? The most notable crash of the day was a dude that whiskey throttled his bike into a really nice bagger with 7 dudes or more on it. My friend, Heath, slipped and fell right in front of the bike just barely getting out of the way as it flew past three other bikes to its fateful end, smashing into the bagger. Everyone came out of it alright. Stogie Joe had some back pain but overall no one got majorly hurt and the bikes were ok for the most part.



The Valley guys were to give away an Ironhead at the end of the party Saturday night to one lucky raffle ticket winner. The most impressive thing about this year’s Hood Bush was the fact that on the Friday night before the party, the bike was basically a frame, motor, sissy bar, and some front forks. No wheels, no wiring, no tank, no nothing. Basically, the thing was in pieces all over a huge circular table. To see the Valley guys band together and make that bike come alive in less than 24 hours was something truly remarkable. A lot of Mountain Dew went down in the making of that bike. Scott “Fuel” Johnson won the bike after a close call of a redraw because he didn’t realize he had the winning ticket. He came up as they were about to pull the next ticket. It was a real treat to see him win it though. Such a deserving and amazing dude! He fired it up after only 2 kicks and to see his face in shock while the whole crowd roared was an amazing thing. The Hood Bush Ironhead gets to stay in its home of Milwaukee, which in itself is a cool piece of history to add to the bike. Congrats again, Scott.



Hood Bush 2014 was one of my favorite times this year; right up there with Born Free. I love the fact that I am always meeting new and amazing people every time I go up to Hood Bush. The whole chopper/motorcycle community, in general, is a really beautiful thing. I find that we take care of each other and come together no matter the problem, big or small. When the party got shut down at the Valley, I saw everyone band together and help with moving the beer, merch, and tables with not one person complaining. It’s so cool to see this small, yet amazing, community to come together for things like Hood Bush. It’s like one whole family taking care of one another, all for the right to party, have a good time, and ride the shit out of our motorcycles. I absolutely love it.



Make sure to come out for Hood Bush next year if you missed years prior. It’s never boring and always interesting...and yes, there’s always some kind of female nudity that I’m not permitted to share here. I guess you will have to come and see it for yourself next year.


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Commented on 9-29-2014 At 04:39 pm

Looks like a hell of a good time.

Commented on 9-29-2014 At 05:38 pm

Great feature, great bikes.

Commented on 9-30-2014 At 12:30 pm

That one of you and Kat and Steph is a great pic, Michael!

Commented on 9-30-2014 At 03:07 pm

The picture of the chick puking is awesome!

Commented on 10-1-2014 At 07:47 am

It is confirmed. Sportsters Rule, and in particular, Ironheads Fucking Rule! ha ha.

Anyone from north of MKE wanting to go next year, hit me up.

Commented on 10-3-2014 At 11:26 am

Ruling photos as usual, Mikey. Looked like a great time!

Commented on 10-14-2014 At 06:41 am

Great write up and amazing photos (as always) Mikey!

Commented on 10-14-2014 At 12:50 pm

Glad to see they were not all H-Ds. full on hog parties are boring. Not trying to offend, but
jes sayin

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