Hog Killers Sweet 1976 Shovelhead


Aki Sakamoto is the owner and operator of Hog Killers, which is located in Hawaiian Gardens, Ca. Aki has been building one of a kind motorcycles since 2009 and is creating quite a name for himself. "After I graduated from MMI Phoenix, AZ, in 99', I moved back to Japan. I came back to the US in 2002 because I wanted to work for Jesse James. I worked for him for six years as a mechanic. Even though I was a mechanic, Jesse allowed me to work with the sheet metal department and R/ D department. That's where I learned a lot of stuff. I have to say that Jesse opened the door for me, and I wouldn't be where I am today without him. Nothing but big thanks to Jesse," stated Aki. 


Owner name, location: Yuriko aka Party Girl Los Angeles, Ca

Bike name: Glory Hole 

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1976 Shovelhead Split Rocker Boxes

Frame: Hog Killers

Fork: 39MM WITH Hog Killers Drop Trees 

Tire/wheel size and style: F 3.00-21 H-RIM R 4.00-18 H-RIM

Favorite thing about this bike:  Everything

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: Hog Killers Drop Trees, Stainless 2 into 1 exhaust pipes, tail section. HK parts are made in the USA. we fabricated the air cleaner based on Yuriko's bubble butt.

Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include:  Only request from Yuriko was a jockey shift and foot clutch 

Thanks to: Yuriko, the owner, and Casey from Headcase Kustom Art for the paintwork

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Commented on 2-4-2013 At 09:09 am

that is one ugly bad ass m.f.'er

Commented on 2-4-2013 At 10:30 am

Really dug this thing at David Mann, one of the more memorable ones.

Commented on 2-4-2013 At 11:47 am

One of my favorites as of late. Great pictures!

Commented on 2-4-2013 At 12:18 pm

ruling. didn't see this at mann kinda bummed now

Commented on 2-4-2013 At 02:13 pm

I really don't want to like that tail section, but I do. This bike is awesome about 100 different ways. Well done.

Commented on 2-4-2013 At 03:42 pm

really into the engine details like the oiling system, the purple & pink with hearts not so much my flavor, but to each his own...other than my opinion it is completely top notch.

Commented on 2-4-2013 At 04:38 pm

Amazing work! one of the coolest.

Commented on 2-4-2013 At 04:38 pm

Amazing work! one of the coolest.

Commented on 2-4-2013 At 05:31 pm

Great job on your first feature Lisa! Great shots.... The bike is great too.
I'm kinda like Mike. I dont really know what to make of the tail. But the engine details make it awesome!

Commented on 2-4-2013 At 06:59 pm

Nice bike. Great writeup and photos.

Commented on 2-4-2013 At 08:45 pm

Great work, Lisa. Thanks for assuming the CC editorial torch with such zeal.

Commented on 2-4-2013 At 09:55 pm

that paint is clean! Nice work Headcase!

Commented on 2-5-2013 At 03:46 am

Some kick-ass pic spread you put up! Bike is sah'wheat!

Commented on 2-5-2013 At 03:48 am

And that tail reminds my of the old HS boat rear end only this being a speed-boat rear end. Very sezzy...

Commented on 2-5-2013 At 05:29 am

Loving the split heads.

Commented on 2-5-2013 At 09:01 pm

Different and cool. Exhaust is wild; would have been cool to see a close up of that muffler. Tail section looks odd with the shape of the tank to me but def something new and fresh.

Commented on 2-6-2013 At 11:47 am

The tail section rules, mighty fine work!

Commented on 2-6-2013 At 12:15 pm

I love everything about Glory Holes!!..... I mean the bike "Glory Hole" .....errrrrrrr

Commented on 2-8-2013 At 03:07 pm

No close-up's of the exhaust? WTF?!

Commented on 2-8-2013 At 03:39 pm

Jesse James cheated on his wife and is a douche nazi who uses evo crate motors and Is prob best friends with Obama! Fuck that dude!

Oh wait! I forgot... No more point in collecting miles :( bummer. My trolling days are over. :(

Sweet bike. Love it.

Commented on 2-11-2013 At 10:59 pm

Thanks guys!!

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