Greasy Dozen 2013 Unveil and 2014 Kick Off


It's finally here, the unveil of the 2013 Greasy Dozen Builds and the start of the selection process for 2014! Read on to find out how you can be part of this unique movement to promote built not bought motorcycle culture.


First let's get one thing straight "The Greasy Dozen" concept is not a "build off" in fact it's basically the exact opposite of a bike build off. Really the Greasy Dozen is about working together supporting built not bought culture, home builders, and small shops. Drawing in like minded companies, the community and builders to spread what we love. By it's very nature "The Greasy Dozen" avoids pitting people against each other and encourages us to work together. People of all different skill levels can enjoy building a motorcycle! Promoting that ideal while spreading grassroots builder culture and the traditional biker values of brotherhood and mutual respect is what the GD is all about. I purposefully included a first time builder and 1 small shop in each category to further illustrate that you don't need 100k of equipment or to do this for a living to turn out a badass build.


For a first year gig we could not get over the support from the community and fellow Grassroots companies. In the beginning I approached a few of my friends in the industry and with their support and my team at Old Bike Barn we put together a program to select 12 builders and help them out with their winter projects. In addition to the 12 winners we offered 250 applicants parts at cost for 90 days at


Do I have an agenda you might ask? Dam right I do and that's to bring like minded people together to work spreading the love for bike building, grassroots motorcycle culture and the companies that give a shit about the people that make up this community. If you like The Greasy Dozen concept the best thing you can do is share information about The Greasy Dozen and the people that support it by word of mouth and social media.


The Greasy Dozen grew and shaped as it went along and its been quite an adventure. I managed to get around the country and meet many of our builders. It's truly one of the more rewarding things I have done in my career. We've been doing unveil parties for the 12 winners and associated builders. This cumulated with the 1st official Greasy Dozen Run and corn boil this past September 28th. 


Because of the support of the community and and my fellow sponsors I'm pleased to announce The Greasy Dozen is here to stay! Going forward I will be organizing it year over year. I want to personally thank all the sponsors, the community and the builders for the hard work they put in to make me make this thing a reality. 


Greasy Dozen 2014 Kick off:


Once agan we are looking for 4 Choppers, 4 Cafe racers and 4 Bobbers


This year I'm gona lay down a few rules to make things run a little smoother for me from a logistical perspective. Here's how you enter.


1. Find the thread on Chop Cult titled "The Greasy Dozen 2014" post a picture of your current project and plans for it.


2. Post your build and plans on OBB's facebook page at


3. Make a purchase at between Oct 15th and December 23rd (no pressure or rush). Let me explain this one further, I don't care its only a $1 item the reason behind this is just so I have your name, phone number and such on file when the time comes. Last year we had over 1000 applicants and I spent tons hours chasing down to get a real name, address and phone. Imaging having to waste countless hours trying to chase down dudes to give them free stuff. I don't mind working hard to serve the community and organize the Greasy Dozen and associated events but please try and make it easy on me with clear communication and information. If you have questions email


4. Like the following Facebook pages and Once the 2014 sponsor list is released like as many of the sponsors as possible "Support those that support you"! The announcement of the official 2014 sponsors will be November 1st.


2014 winners will be announced January 1st and we will chronicle the builds again and do a run. 


Special thanks to all the sponsors that supported the 12 winners of The Greasy Dozen 2013 stay tuned for our 2014 Sponsor list.


Special thanks to Phil Guy and Tim Granda for the collaboration on the kick ass art for banners and posters!


Without further ado here are the 2013 builds! Stay tuned for a calendar featuring these bikes and a full feature in Wrench Magazine. Many of the bikes are already headed for print independently and I want to thank the industry photographers and editors for recognizing our builders!



Tim Granda and Rene Davila -Doom Cycle, MI


Carmine Bellamore, Syndicate Choppers, NY


Ben Pfaff & Kevin Geovia, NJ


Christian T. Newman, NY


Jordan Green, OR


Matt Marlatt, OH


Anthony Nocella, PA


Randy Horsman, MD


Shane & Dusty -The Chopping Block, WA


Jason Boatman, CO


Shawn Hallas -Alchemy Garage, OH


#13 BONUS BIKE by Bear Haughton, Cheesy Banana III , OH (you won't see this survivor rebuild until the 2014 Calendar is out) got give you a reason to buy one! Honestly with all the travel I been doing for work and a recent crash I'm still buttoning this baby up. 
CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR GREASY DOZEN 2014 and get support for your build!


Thanks for reading! 
-Bear president / founder


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Commented on 10-17-2013 At 10:26 am

By far one of the best experiences of my life. This is a great movement and I was honored to be a part of it. Thanks for everything Bear and thank you to all the sponsers for their support. I can't wait to see the greasy dozen builds for 2014! Support the movement and enjoy the ride!

Commented on 10-17-2013 At 01:52 pm

Shane & Dusty -The Chopping Block, WA

Carmine Bellamore, Syndicate Choppers, NY

love all these bikes but these two ^ especially.

lane splitters make me happy

Commented on 10-17-2013 At 02:34 pm

I dig em!!! Didn't know how any would turn out, and bam they ALL killed it......congratulations to all of you builders..

Commented on 10-17-2013 At 02:44 pm

WAIT, the guy with 420 in his name and the phish logo is trolling? This is all news to me.

Commented on 10-17-2013 At 03:14 pm

All of the bikes pictured above are really good. Doom Cycle's Sportster is wild; I love it!

It's good to hear that the Greasy Dozen will happen again in 2014.

Commented on 10-17-2013 At 03:29 pm

I was happy to be a part of the 1st Greasy Dozen Event.
It gave me some good motivation to put some extra long hours in at night and build something for myself that I have wanted to do for a while.
I had an extremely busy year last year building a few bikes for customers and this really lit a fire under my ass to do a project I had in my head for a while.

Thanks goes out to Bear for organzing this whole event.
Also tremendous thanks to all the sponsors that supported this event.
Guys remember to support the business that support your hobby and culture.

Thanks to everyone else that got their bikes and projects finished as well and made the Greasy Dozen a success. All those long nights in the shop certainly pay off in the end.

Commented on 10-17-2013 At 03:31 pm

Yeah, some awesome bikes in there for sure. Christian T's Shovel is rad; I'd love to see that thing in person. A lot of different styles going on here; super cool that these bikes came together partly because of The Greasey Dozen. I'd be proud to ride any one of those bikes as I'm sure that their owners are.

Nice work builders, you should be proud. Big thanks to all of the sponsors who took part in this last year and those ready to go this year as well. You all are helping people out in a huge way. Respect.

Commented on 10-17-2013 At 05:59 pm

I'm blown away to be a first time bike builder and be counted amongst the talents exhibited In the Greasy dozen. it's an honor and this further motivates me to build another bike. congrats to all of the builders and the people who supported and helped in accomplishing these amazing pieces of machinery. I have to thank all my bros. Dale, Jrod, jairimie, Vic. and big thanks to Bear and OBB for creating this movement. Garage building is the future. here's to another off season of wrenching, cutting, welding, Chop em all! cheers, Shawn

Commented on 10-17-2013 At 07:14 pm

This is what it's all about, real people building real kick ass bikes!!

Commented on 10-18-2013 At 03:50 am

The Greasy Dozen is such a great idea. All the bikes are awesome. keep up the good work Bear. David Bird

Commented on 10-18-2013 At 06:09 am

Very nice!

Commented on 10-18-2013 At 07:15 am

This was an awsome idea. I am happy I was able to party with the Syndicate choppers guys along with Bear this summer at Syndicates unveiling in NYC. Bear is an outstanding individual that has real class. We had a hell of a time. White Castle at 4:00am in Brooklyn. Nothing but fun. Cant wait to see what's on the chopping block for next year.

Commented on 10-18-2013 At 01:07 pm

This is exactly why I joined Chop Cult. Real people building real bikes. More motivation to get a project of my own going. Thanks to all the guys and gals that built these beauties.

Commented on 10-18-2013 At 02:22 pm

Geez maybe this why my kawasaki project wont sell its been waiting for 2014!

Great rides there for sure, need to snag that cal to hang the shop wall.

Personal fav
Carmine Bellamore, Syndicate Choppers, NY

Commented on 10-19-2013 At 06:45 am

This is awesome! Bear, You are the man!!

Commented on 10-19-2013 At 05:56 pm

The Greasy Dozen is awesome for our community. I aam honered that I was able to be part of the first even if I am the associated builder who didn't finish. Sometime projects are put on hold due to life and Bear was very understanding to that. I'll be taking 2014 off to finish my 2013 build and gather parts for a 2015 build. Bear and the whole GD is a great experience for grass roots builders.

Commented on 10-20-2013 At 07:38 pm

Some nice bikes came out of this. great job

Commented on 10-22-2013 At 08:29 am

All the bikes are very nice! Congrats to all of you who stuck it out and finished the builds. kudos!

Commented on 10-29-2013 At 09:03 pm

Great idea! Can't wait to follow this and watch these builds unfold year after year. Excited about learning and getting my own hands involved on a project bike in the future. Right on, what this is all about. Rad.

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