GR8Paradox's Chopped CB750


Ted, or GR8Paradox as he's known to friends on the old 33, literally built this wild yet reliable Japanese custom with one hand in the winter of 2007. After cutting the greasy cast off his withered arm, Ted fired up the chopper he affectionately calls Brown Rice and headed south to Temecula, the jump-off point for EDR III in the spring of '08. Both Ted and his battered bike are eclectic entities that don't easily fit into conventional molds.




In 2007 I rode the EDR on a swingarm bike, so the following year I really wanted to go the hard way. Hard it was. Right after EDR II in 2007 I was in a truck crash. Almost died. When I was still getting the use of my left arm I started this build. In about six months with one good arm I had a runner and about 200 miles road time.

EDR III in 2008 was my shakedown ride. People sweated my frame, my dirtbag build, even my fitness to ride. With minor exceptions the bike and I made it 100 percent. Sure, I tossed a few parts. The seat pivot bolt was fun. I had to use a wad of zip ties as a pivot point. Soap and JB weld fixed a leak on the tank leak. Five days and 1,500 miles later we were home. Both stood the test.


Owner: Ted Perchert

Bike: Brown Rice

Hometown: Oaksterdam

Motor specs: 1979 Honda CB50 DOHC; 4 Keihin CV carbs; 9:1 compression pistons; 4-into-2 headers

Exhaust: Modified MAC

Frame: Stock neck and engine cradle; BWC weld-on hardtail by Spy Der Roettger, 2" stretch

Fork specs: 35mm, oil damped

Home-built bits: Kickstand from an old crescent wrench handle; shift and brake linkage from all-thread and 3/8" pipe; taillight and license plate mount form diamond plate shaped with hacksaw and file; Biltwell seat hinge; Rich Phillips seat; TC Bros. forward controls; Monstercraftsman 630 chain tensioner

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Commented on 7-2-2012 At 08:02 am

DT's! Awesome guys.

Commented on 7-2-2012 At 10:54 am

That's the thinnest axle plate ive ever seen. Fuck it I guess, survived EDR.

Commented on 7-2-2012 At 06:51 pm

Great chop!
I remember it from EDR or somewhere!

Commented on 7-3-2012 At 07:09 am

cool chop...those front fork lowers are awesome!!

Commented on 7-3-2012 At 10:47 am

(1321)M.U. FOREVER!!!!! Ted, your alive!!!!!!


Commented on 7-4-2012 At 08:11 am

Thanks everyone..
burn.. If you open up the pictures full size you can just make out the MU sticker on the neck.. 1321

Commented on 7-5-2012 At 08:17 pm

It always brings a great smile to my face to see Ted & Brown Rice.

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