Gilby Clarke's 1941 EL


While everyone at ChopCult takes pride in celebrating the backyard builder who scratches with available tools and talent to build a bike in his kitchen, it's nice to see what a real pro can do with a 70-year-old machine. Gilby Clarke's rootbeer EL is one such creation. Built by WCC to be as rideable as it is good-looking, this knuckle's tasteful and purposeful craftsmanship are proof that certain things never go out of style.





Owner: Gilby Clarke 


Engine: HD 1941 EL


Frame: HD 1941 EL


Fork: HD springer









Chassis mods: Seat spring mounts & forward controls


Tires/wheels: HD star hub wheels with 21" Avon Spedmaster front/16" Shinko rear


Doodads: WCC custom exhaust & tips, custom jockey shift, T-bone bars & WCC risers






Favorite thing: I love that it kicks right over & the original 3-gallon tanks


Next mod: I'm gonna change the bars & risers soon






Backstory straight from Gilby: Jesse built my '65 pan many moons ago. I always wanted a knuckle and one day my friend Grant called & said Jesse had a '41 he wanted to sell. It looked pretty cool the way it was, with an extended springer and 40-degree rake. It needed a lot of work, and we talked about what I liked and what needed to be done. WCC put the frame and springer back to original specs, rebuilt the motor three times (it started as a 61" & ended up a 74"). Hot dog killed on the paint (root beer flake & satin black frame). My goal was to ride it on the last EDR, but that didn't happen with all the motor work and WCC going through some personnel changes, but I eventually did get to strap a tent and sleeping bag on it for the Biltwell Bash last April. Thanks to Grant Reynolds, Jesse, Rockabilly Jay & my wife for understanding why I need so many old bikes.





Click the photo above to download a desktop background of Gilby's knucklehead

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Commented on 12-16-2009 At 06:12 am

This is a bike that I would love to ride. Pretty near perfect. R

Commented on 12-16-2009 At 06:36 am


Commented on 12-16-2009 At 07:06 am

she's a beaut!

Commented on 12-16-2009 At 08:23 am amazing bike and yet another really well done 2 into 1.

Commented on 12-16-2009 At 08:41 am

Nice set up. I would be proud to call that one mine if I had the opportunity.

Commented on 12-16-2009 At 09:19 am

Add a sissy bar for my shit and I'm in!!!!!!!! Beautiful Ride brother!

Commented on 12-16-2009 At 09:22 am

Sweet bike!

Commented on 12-16-2009 At 01:10 pm

I stared at that bike for 3 hours at the Bash and never stopped seeing cool little details hidden throughout. Even with all the over the top bikes Jesse's built, this understated bad mofo is on another level.

Commented on 12-16-2009 At 05:13 pm

that really is so nice, caught it at the bash too, no idea that ol jesse built it, very nice

Commented on 12-16-2009 At 07:02 pm

Ruling Bike!

Commented on 12-16-2009 At 08:19 pm

thanks for the kind remarks... great pics bill !

Commented on 12-17-2009 At 01:47 am

That is one awesome build! I bet Jesse wants it back.

Commented on 12-17-2009 At 06:39 am

So damn sweet!

Commented on 12-17-2009 At 09:26 am

"Sigh.... "

Commented on 12-17-2009 At 09:58 am

adorable, asskicki`n bad ass beautifull knuckle.I think it needs some serious custom leather work on seat & saddle bag.
L&R mario@mbleathers

Commented on 12-17-2009 At 11:13 am

Killer knuck!

Commented on 12-17-2009 At 11:18 am

Nice!! Not soo much...Not to little...Just Right!!

Commented on 12-17-2009 At 02:24 pm

I always like Gilby's bikes. Fun to look at! You know, like girls, but I can only ride my own!!!


Commented on 12-17-2009 At 06:33 pm

I love knuckleheads. art in motion.

Commented on 12-18-2009 At 10:16 am

I would trade my GT Snowracer for that beauty in heartbeat!

Commented on 12-18-2009 At 04:49 pm

I love root beer

Commented on 12-19-2009 At 02:58 pm

sweet little knuck. I dig that 2 into 1 w/the one off exhaust tip.

Commented on 12-20-2009 At 03:27 pm

damn that's what a knuckle should look like.

Commented on 12-21-2009 At 06:00 pm

super clean!!

Commented on 12-28-2009 At 11:02 am

Jesse and Rockabilly Jay build sic, sic shit....the exhaust is an insane two into one and the rootbeer color just makes the bike.

Commented on 12-29-2009 At 03:17 am

Yeassssss, that is a nice specimen!

Commented on 12-29-2009 At 03:18 am

Yeassssss, that is a nice specimen!

Commented on 1-2-2010 At 04:35 am

Sweet Knuck, love the paint

Commented on 2-5-2010 At 03:00 pm

Badass Dude Badass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Commented on 2-16-2010 At 03:52 pm


Commented on 5-12-2010 At 02:31 pm

Clean, buen jale hombre..

Commented on 5-14-2010 At 12:20 pm

beautiful bike

Commented on 7-1-2010 At 06:08 pm

Sick ass scoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Commented on 3-19-2011 At 09:59 pm

the shift knob and paint are to drool for

Commented on 9-6-2011 At 01:38 pm

Black shotgun pipes.....that exhaust tip is uglier than a rat's red ass.....or maybe a baboon's blue ass........hhhhmmmmmmm.....are rat's asses red??

Commented on 2-29-2012 At 12:00 pm

man that is one helluva clean bike looks great!!!

Commented on 7-26-2012 At 11:33 am

cool bike, I like the unique exhaust.

Commented on 12-9-2015 At 12:23 pm

That's a Bad Ass Bike!!!

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