GI Chop

The G.I. Chop got its name from Bob at Temecula Motorcycle Service when Barnacle Bill brought it in for work, and Bob commented, “That looks like a bike a G.I. would’ve built when they returned from Vietnam.” (Because of the longer fork tubes and un-chopped frame geometry). Barnacle traded a Sportster he built for it and messed with a couple of things before riding it all the way to Cabo and back without a hiccup. Since that time, the panheads it came with were replaced with shovelheads, and it had a couple of different tank swaps and the seat has seen a few incarnations and maybe a different air cleaner or three. Bill built a new sissybar a couple of years back; Otto added a new Tokico brake on a Fab Kevin mount. Bars get changed like underwear (every three months). Other than that, swap out the oil on occasion, transmission changes itself, and run it hard. That S&S lump has been great to them. All go, no show. Looks best at 70mph leading a pack of newer bikes through Baja.

Photos by Geoff Kowalchuk

Owner name, location: Otto - Murrieta, CA

ChopCult Member profile: Otto

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: S&S Shovelhead motor 2000 Special Construction title

Frame: Paughco

Forks: 39mm tubes in stock sporty trees

Tire/wheel size and style: 21/16

Favorite thing about this bike: She’s a runner!

Next modification will be: Gas

Otto / @suckafreemiked

Photos by Geoff Kowalchuk / @twofoursixer

Biltwell Inc. Website / Facebook / Instagram / YouTube

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Commented on 3-29-2018 At 07:10 pm

i went to vietnam and when i came back i built choppers. it was a different time, it was a different america, we were different people. that bike is like a 70s bike like a cell phone is like a dial phone. it looks more to me like what a vet from irag would build.

Commented on 3-29-2018 At 10:49 pm

I was in Vietnam too. and yes, those where different times

Commented on 3-30-2018 At 01:34 am

As a vet with disabilities (NOT Vietnam era) I feel that unless the builder or the owner have some sort of veteran status, then I would appreciate veterans are left out of the equation. If you like I can Xpost this over to a veterans or active duty social media site if you want to get their take,
I like to see vintage bikes get attention, and I like seeing people ride vintage Iron, and if the owner enjoys it more power to him But if anyone asked me I would do several things differently on that scoot. But if it works for you, carry on.

Commented on 3-30-2018 At 10:14 am

Thank you for your service Bill, Johnny, and Doug.

Doug, Bill is a veteran and he built the bike. No disrespect was intended.

Have a nice day.

Commented on 3-30-2018 At 12:33 pm

Hi Lisa, I'm not offended by the reference just pointing out that the bike isn't really representative to what we built back then. It's a good looking bike and I thank Bill for his service but it represents more who he is, not who we were. Thanks.

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