"Ghetto Helmet Paint Tech" by blacklistVISUAL


blacklistVISUAL posted this well written and incredibly detailed paint how-to in the ChopCult forum. Billdozer immediately gave his thread "Greatest Hits" status, and we're raising the stakes even further by moving it to the home page. If you've ever dreamed of painting your own skid lid or tins, this thread has everything you need to know.


Special thanks to blacklistVISUAL for sharing his insight and experience on ChopCult.


As soon as we figure out how, we're going to give your ChopCult odometer a 500-mile bump. Again, thanks for all your help!




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Commented on 8-21-2009 At 09:33 pm

Oh now this IS good stuff.

Commented on 8-22-2009 At 05:15 am

Great! Thanks!

Commented on 8-22-2009 At 05:37 am

Yeah, this is awesome tech! Definately gonna be trying some of this over the winter.

Commented on 8-22-2009 At 06:13 am

I painted my helmet last year, not so nice masked as on your pics, but with the result I'm satisfied.

Commented on 8-22-2009 At 01:24 pm

Oh, well shit goddamn. I take a few days to do "real" work, don't log in, and when I return, there I am...
Thanks, guys.
Hope y'all have fun paintin' shit - get crazy with it. I wanna see some gnarly freak dots comin' outta y'all.

Commented on 8-22-2009 At 02:06 pm

No, thank YOU, blacklist. Threads like yours help ChopCult thrive. Smart, funny, informative, and inspirational.

SO much more valuable than tweets, Myspace and other such clutter.

Thanks again for your involvement and support!

Commented on 8-24-2009 At 12:51 am

I'm inspired to lace up my tank now~!

Commented on 8-24-2009 At 07:07 pm

Great job, on ebay now lookin for an old fulmer and shakin a can

Commented on 4-25-2010 At 06:29 pm

remember when you couldnt sell 3/4 helmets in a yard sale so they ended up at a thrift store

Commented on 8-6-2013 At 12:03 pm

Inspiring ...

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