Garco's 30-Day Wonder


Seeing what Larry Pierce and the crew at Garage Company Customs in Pelham, Alabama, can do in a month should make most of us pack up our tools and take up an easier pastime. Larry's bike proves a lack of time is no excuse for a lack of detail. And no, the photos aren't flipped, so save those emails. The paint looks like that in real life and it's just one of the head-turning features on this neat machine.



Owner name, location:  Randy Dow, Birmingham Alabama 

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: S&S Panhead

Frame: Bare Knuckle Choppers Wishbone Frame

Fork: HD Repop Springer

Tire/wheel size and style: 18in rear w/moon discs and firestone, 23in front w/JR’s spool 

Favorite thing about this bike: Sounds like a drag car with a 1 chamber Flowmaster and is fast as shit.

Next modification will be: Replacing the smoked ass rear tire…

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: Handmade bars, pipes, tanks, foot controls, air cleaner, tail light, seat

Backstory:  We got a letter inviting us to build a bike for the Artistry in Iron Master Builder Championship in Vegas back in March of 2010. I thought that maybe they had fucked up and sent the invite to the wrong shop but turns out they didn’t. So we were stoked but broke and really didn’t have the cheese to build another shop project at the moment. So we just went about our business hoping to win the Lotto to fund this thing. In the meantime one of our good customers named Randy hit me up on building a new bike. He wanted something vintage-style but with newer components. I tried to convince him to run an OG pan but he wasn’t havin' it. He wanted something that would blow the tire off. With that being said I ordered the frame, motor, etc. Come August we headed to Sturgis for bike week and while we were there I hit Randy up to see if he’d let us build his bike for Artistry in Iron. He said hell yes. Short story long, we got back from Sturgis and pretty much built the entire deal in 30 days. Two days before we were supposed to leave for Vegas I got a call saying three of my immediate family members had been killed. At that point the bike wasn’t finished and I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it in time. So a HUge thank-you to Stewie, Nick and everyone else that jumped in and got the bike done when I couldn’t be there so we could make the show. You guys rule. Didn’t win the show due to a RAD knuckle that the Italian Stallion at LA Speed Shop built, But still had a great time.

Thanks: Jayme at Blue Moon Kustoms

"One Way" Stu Lewis

Nick Resty and the Haints

Bob Ross at South Paw Machine

Coyote Coatings

You can see more of Garage Company Custom's work here

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Commented on 4-27-2011 At 03:16 am

Now, that's a sweet bike.

Nice work, fellas.

Sorry for your loss, Larry.


Commented on 4-27-2011 At 04:47 am

That's a slick bike guys!

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 05:20 am

sorry for your loss Larry. I saw this bike in Daytona and it stood out to me even amongst some other stunning bikes. My bud and i just stared at it and kept staring lol. Excellent work.

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 06:14 am

I'm in love with every part of this bike. Its a dream scoot for me for sure.

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 06:42 am

This bike is just plain fuckin sick, a true thing of beauty and speed, WOW

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 07:04 am

Love this Bike!

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 07:07 am

Perfect Bike!

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 08:02 am

Love this bike! Killer paint. Awesome job!

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 08:12 am

That's one really nice machine there. Much respect.

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 08:29 am

Awesome build, Are the springs on the exhaust do anything beside look cool? Im starting to see that around and wondering if they know something I dont.

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 08:47 am

Mega, that keeps the pipe sections together, see the seams? Super old, efficient solution. Works great on dirt bikes or race bikes because there is no wasted time with fussy fasteners.

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 09:22 am

Great looking bike. Love all of the details.

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 09:42 am

You forgot to mention how the folks @ the Easyriders tour put the first gashes in this bike! Come to the Dixie Roundup and see (and hear) this bike in person. It's got a unique sound for sure!!!

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 10:00 am

fuckin rad!

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 10:43 am

Thanks Bill, i overlooked the seams.

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 11:27 am

Another gem from Garco, love it. Then again, I've liked everything that Larry has built. Top notch.

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 12:08 pm

Looks like a kick to ride! Narrow, low and tight! Just perfect IMAO!

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 12:36 pm

really nice bike, love all the detail...pretty nuts.

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 01:18 pm

That bike is sick as shit. Wish I had the cheese to support a new old one like that. Great job in a hurry.

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 02:09 pm

got to investigate that bike in person at the Sleazyrider show here in Columbus. Hope the tornadoes down there doesn't blow that thing away! :)

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 02:14 pm

WOW, clean, simple, perfection! Huge props to Garage Company!

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 02:54 pm

Right, once you're all done with the photo shoots I would like my bike back!

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 03:01 pm

I really liked the reverse script tank the first time I saw it. It's a back-handed finger flip to a paradox of a motor company who accidentally inspired such awesome machines as this bike. It's come a long way from the first picture I saw of it in the last issue of The Horse. lol

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 04:41 pm

awesome awesome ride. i love the simplicity of it but there is so much cool shit goin on at the same time.

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 05:10 pm

this thing is crazy sick!

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 05:50 pm

Nice bike, real clean.

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 06:22 pm

@MTW, this bike was in The Horse? I must have missed that.

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 07:04 pm

@ridemore16... Yes and no.... Check out page 93 of the March/April '11 page. (Of course that is based on if I'm right about this being their chop-off bike. I could be wrong...)

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 07:28 pm

It's not their chop off bike. They are building a shovel for that. This is a customer bike. Chop off bike will be mind blowing!!!

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 07:33 pm

Thanks for all the feedback guys. Glad yall dig it! Been a shitty day in Bama, been dodgin tornadoes all day. Come on to the Roundup this Saturday its sure to be a good time.FREE FREE FREE

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 07:50 pm

sorry for your loss Larry. love the bike...especially the rear wheel, and the tin can tail light!! nothing like a true imagination with a talent for fab work!!

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 08:22 pm

Larry and the boys deserve the props they are getting on this and all the other bikes they are turning out. Great chops built by some of the nicest guys out there. See you kids on Saturday!

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 09:08 pm

I wish I had an HD repop srpanger . . . ;-)

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 10:57 pm

WOW. this thing is just beautiful!

Commented on 4-28-2011 At 01:46 am

great bike

Commented on 4-28-2011 At 05:08 am

Really neat bike, fine job!

Commented on 4-28-2011 At 07:27 am

Makes me wanna set fire to my bikes...

Commented on 4-28-2011 At 12:25 pm

very sick machine...

Commented on 4-28-2011 At 05:01 pm

nice bike, hope hope u werent hit by those tornados, my girlfriend is in tuscaloosa

Commented on 4-28-2011 At 08:57 pm

I need a bottle of courvoisier so I can make some sweet love to that bike.

Commented on 4-28-2011 At 09:12 pm

sick bike guys glad to see a bike from bama up here rock on fellas

Commented on 4-28-2011 At 11:54 pm

Makes me wanna set fire to my bikes...

Commented on 7-17-2011 At 03:16 pm

knobbbbby and no brake...........who cares when the front tire's ALWAYS in the AIR?!?!?.............or it's parked......FTW, Shooter

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