GarCo Custom's CB450


Last month we gave you a peek into Garage Company Customs. Today we're showing you the tidy little CB450 GarCo founder Larry Pierce built with his own two hands. Known as Kung Pow by its owner Randy Dow, this rice burner roams Birmingham back roads on moonshine and Sportster mags.



There's not much to say about this bike that can't be seen in the photos, which is a good thing, because talking about other people's stuff makes Larry uncomfortable. According to Larry, he once rode a wheelie on this thing five miles in eighth gear on a one-way street backwards.

Was it the wheelie or the street that was backwards? Do CB450's have eight gears? Is Larry a lying liar who lies, or merely a good ol' boy who likes telling tall tales? Larry ain't saying, but if you ask nicely he might let you take pictures. We did, and these are them. 'Nuff said.

To read more outright BS from the fertile brain of Alabama's most famous master builder, visit the GarCo blog.

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Commented on 6-7-2012 At 06:54 am

wow, looks super fun and clean. Has to be super light.

Commented on 6-7-2012 At 07:58 am

I would make sweet sweet lo..... ride many miles on it. Well done.

Commented on 6-7-2012 At 08:46 am

dig it! super clean.

Commented on 6-7-2012 At 09:39 am


Commented on 6-7-2012 At 12:26 pm

Sweet cafe build!

Commented on 6-7-2012 At 01:48 pm

I love this thing. I remember seeing it in one of the mags and thinking that it must be a blast to ride. I love how Larry kinda thumbs his nose at the conventional build wisdom by putting a gaudy (that's r-a-d, gaudy) flake "chopper" paint scheme on a slim little cafe scrambler. It's nice to see a cafe bike that isn't rattle can black or Ferrari (Ducati?) gloss red. Keep things fun.

Commented on 6-7-2012 At 03:45 pm

Why or why does every custom have to ride on those damn Firestones?
Even bikes that'd benefit from being shod with something else?

Commented on 6-7-2012 At 07:45 pm

I've seen it in person and it's very nicely done.

Commented on 6-7-2012 At 07:50 pm

That bike was at the Smokeout East 2 Years ago! it was actually one of the first bikes styled like this that i had ever seen. Still awesome today.

Commented on 6-8-2012 At 12:46 am

DOPE!! Looks right on those mags

Commented on 6-8-2012 At 01:13 am

nice lil whip! bet its fun on those crazy bama roads!

Commented on 6-8-2012 At 02:58 pm

toight....oh so toight!

Commented on 6-8-2012 At 04:38 pm

do these guys sleep!?!? making killer stuff all the time!

Commented on 6-10-2012 At 06:59 pm

That is wicked!

Commented on 6-13-2012 At 04:48 am

Cool little racer!

Commented on 6-20-2012 At 12:07 am

I dig the paint and the emblem on the tank, pretty slick.

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