Focus: The Smokeout XI


The Horse magazine's annual Smokeout is eagerly anticipated by faithful chopper fanatics all over the country. Like drunken moths to a rusty flame, riders from all points on the compass head south to hook up with old friends, check out hand-built motorcycles and get loaded.

This year BFJosh was in North Carolina to help the Lowbrow crew. When he wasn't slinging merch in the pouring rain, he snapped a pile of photos. An event this big is nearly impossible to cover with one shooter, but Josh's photos give a good sense of what the Smokeout was like when it wasn't raining baby heads.



Got pics or stories from your trip to the Smoke Out? Share 'em in the Forum.

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Commented on 7-5-2010 At 06:09 am

Wish I coulda been there. Next year.

Thanks for the pics.


Commented on 7-5-2010 At 08:50 am

had so much fun.

Commented on 7-5-2010 At 09:00 am

Good time for sure. Hot as hell though!!!!

Commented on 7-5-2010 At 11:01 am

Looks like alot fun was had. Maybe next the bike will run long enough to go.

Commented on 7-5-2010 At 11:24 am

hot and rainy but cool

Commented on 7-5-2010 At 12:33 pm

where are all the naked girls?

Commented on 7-5-2010 At 02:00 pm

didnt you see her in the last picture? fully armed too!

Commented on 7-5-2010 At 05:04 pm

it was great seeing old friends and making new ones. Good times even in the 40mph winds. Anyone that was under the lowbrow tent when it departed i would like to offer my sincerest gratitude. It was refreshing to see people help with no intention of gaining anything but to help someone.

Commented on 7-5-2010 At 05:22 pm

Well said Josh! Thanks to everyone who helped us weather our mini-disaster and save a bunch of our gear! I've got a ton of pics too I will get up tomorrow

Commented on 7-6-2010 At 05:05 am

Looks like a great time...the girl on the panhead is smoking hot...the pan is nice too!

Commented on 7-6-2010 At 05:46 am

Cool pic of me on the minibike. Thanks!!

Commented on 7-6-2010 At 06:49 pm

Hot as fuck but still had a great time.

Commented on 7-6-2010 At 08:31 pm

Rad times minus the heat and rain!

Commented on 7-7-2010 At 07:22 pm

good times

Commented on 7-11-2010 At 12:50 pm

was a great time.....

Commented on 7-14-2010 At 10:48 am

I gave it the sink eye for the heat and rain but always great seeing everybody.....

Commented on 7-23-2010 At 10:52 pm

Gotta love an open drag strip!! It was hott and the beer was COLD.

Commented on 8-20-2010 At 01:42 am

Great photos, always a great source of inspiration.We have nothing like this down here in Oz . . too many restrictions on mods. Maybe one day I'll get there in the flesh. Cheers.

Commented on 9-13-2010 At 06:40 pm

If you didnt make it your a pussy. I was in a wheel chair, a week out of surgry and i still made it. I broke a front wheel cuz of shity trails and my 230lbs ass! But thanks to Mike and Pat and the entire Led Sled crew, who just so happened to have an extra wheel chair?! They saved me and my wife from the rain and drowned us in JD and shine. I had a great fucking time with the help of Led Sled. They are good people. And have reminded me that people like that still exist in this rat race.

Commented on 10-10-2010 At 03:33 pm

injoyed the pics

Commented on 4-22-2011 At 02:59 pm

Looks like a good time but unfortunately I live too damn far away. Thanks for the killer pics. Alot of good looking bikes out there. And the dude that had the tattoo on his stomach with "Welcome Aboard" simply awesome.

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