Focus: Sissy Bars & Fender Struts

Who you callin' sissy? If you were to stare at 100 custom motorcycles, chances are you'd see 100 different different sissy bars or fender struts. Of course, some would be better executed than others. This crafty selection runs the gamut from pure function to elegant perfection.



Sissy bars hold important things like sleeping bags and girlfriends, so they need to be built with strength in mind. Whimsy is fine and may impress your bro's at the bar, but bulletproof is even better to avoid opening a yard sale on the highway.




Like sissy bars but more subtle, fender struts are equally important. How they attach to the fender and frame is up to you. Blind fasteners? Machined washers? One, two or three mounting points? Rivets? Wingnuts? Like snowflakes and unicorns, hand-made fender struts are unique and magical.

Got any advice, photos or questions? Post them in the Sissy thread on the CC forum.

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Commented on 7-12-2010 At 10:45 am

yeah! awesome collection!!
there's one for everone!

Commented on 7-12-2010 At 05:09 pm

inspiration abounds. Should really get off my arse and make one for my bike...

Commented on 7-12-2010 At 07:24 pm

Great work, Love sissy bars since I saw my first chop up in oakland when I was a kid, these remind me of that feeling.

Commented on 7-12-2010 At 08:08 pm

Sissy bars, cant live with them and cant live without them. ( wish I would have kept mine oh well maybe next go round)

Commented on 7-12-2010 At 11:53 pm

Hell Yeah I made it into Chop Cult!

Commented on 7-13-2010 At 12:36 am

Jeff I love your rear end the best......sissy bar. Didn't you meet Wes in a sissy bar?

Commented on 7-13-2010 At 01:55 am

bulletproof IS better. mine is sitting in my garage in two pieces.

Commented on 7-13-2010 At 02:58 am

I need to get my bike on the road again so I can load my sissy up for a trip.

Commented on 7-13-2010 At 07:49 am

Thanks for the ideas! I freakin love this place.

Commented on 7-13-2010 At 11:45 pm

Better to open a yard sale on the highway, than lose a girlfriend on the highway. I made a shitty sissy bar once that broke without a load or passenger. I felt like a lucky dumbass, and made a better one.

Commented on 7-15-2010 At 08:23 am

Maybe they should be called "Bad Ass Bars" instead of "Sissy".

Commented on 7-15-2010 At 04:16 pm

One in the works, all in the head I tell ya.

Commented on 7-16-2010 At 12:28 pm

It's totally amazing what a little ingenuity and imagination can do! There are some righteous designs in that collection.

Commented on 7-19-2010 At 06:25 am

good timing, I'm mounting my rear fender and am in need of some insparation. thanks

Commented on 7-19-2010 At 11:51 am

Those are really some nice bars. So much inspiration and still I'm not sure if I should have some on my bratty

Commented on 7-21-2010 At 11:36 am

lotta kickass designs thanks everyone

Commented on 7-28-2010 At 07:58 pm

Some cool looking bars. To me, a sissy bar is like the finishing touch to a good custom, giving balance to the over all appearance. Myself I like them small, with an artistic flair.
But who knows the origin of the name Sissy Bar. ???

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