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Few things can dominate the streets of NYC quite the way that the Indian Larry Block Party does. Its attendees and roaring motorcycles fill several blocks of Union Avenue. I like this particular party because it's a different crowd than some of the other events I attend. Here you have a real mix of well-worn and storied bikers and builders that earned their full sleeves over a lifetime, mixing with the young hip NYC chopper crowd. This convergent crowd makes for a great place to learn about the culture and custom bikes. If you show a little respect, and ask intelligent questions you might find yourself talking to a famous bike builder, magazine editor, or a real deal guy that was laying the foundations of the chopper culture in the 60’s and 70’s.


A lot of new chopper guys say shit about it being their time now, and fuck the geezers. I don’t think that’s the right attitude and I have a different take on it. Pretty much everything in the chopper scene today is a borrowed from the past! Some of the gray beards may not be Instagraming what they ate for dinner or the latest weld they laid down, but the new generation of bikers can learn a lot from mingling with the broader group and age range that attends an event like the Indian Larry Block Party.


For the uneducated who might say, "But isn’t Indian Larry dead?” Yes he is at the big chopper party upstairs, and this party honors him and the style of bikes he built. It's put on by Bobby & Elisa Seeger, Larry’s original business partner and manager, respectively. They have done one hell of a job carrying on with the company and turning out incredible choppers and parts in spite of the many challenges they've faced in the years following Larry’s untimely death. If you’re anywhere near NYC when the next Indian Larry Block Party goes off you should check it out. There really isn’t another event like it anywhere!


Photos By Dan Venditto


Be sure to check out Indian Larry Motorcycles' website, follow them on Facebook and Instagram, and save September 19, 2015 for the next Indian Larry Block Party.





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Commented on 12-16-2014 At 10:30 am

Great story and pictures!

Commented on 12-16-2014 At 11:23 am

Huge fan of Indian Larry and his legacy. My favorite style of chopper in my opinion. Thanks for covering this event!

Commented on 12-16-2014 At 06:59 pm

So great it's only worth a couple hundred words. The Brooklyn invitational is/was a lot better. I say is/was , because now the cops have suddenly come on the seen policing the area instead of the Queensboro M/C . I was having a hard time kicking over my knuckle and checked out the points and there were closed up. I'm adjusting them and a lady cop tells me to move along ....I told her what I'm doing ( obviously no clue ) and she gives me her blessing to carry on. As usual the bikes in the streets are better than the show . I gave up on the I.L party back when he was throwing ,no place to get beer (he was sober you know ) and the velvet rope treatment to , where , you could see everybody important and the bikes behind it , but only led you to the t-shirts.

Commented on 12-17-2014 At 06:38 am

OK @47str8lg

First off the hundred words is what we call a leadin, its a photo feature with a little editorial content to "lead in", and if you read between the lines theres a lot more being said.

Personally I like them both because they are very different. But to say you dropped Larry one of the greatest builder of all tim because you had to walk around the conner to get beer? Well thats deep bro. I don't mind sipping coffee and looking at cute chicks and bikes for many hours. but if you had a hard time a little flask of whisky in you back pocket goes a long way. I will have my flask if you need a shot in you coffee. :)

Why not attend both next year for a true comparison? (I'll bring the whiskey flasks)

Get out there and live it folks.


Commented on 12-17-2014 At 03:35 pm

I wanted to go hit the Invitational, too. But when I rolled into the Block Party, I knew I'd landed for the day. Great vibes - and the place was chock-a-block full of real deal street machines - not fancy paint unlimited budget BigWheels with bolt-on catalog bling. The best part was seeing the incredible amount of one-off engineering and getting to talk with some of the equally unique owners and builders. THIS was the kind of stuff that stirs my imagination. The icing on the cake was seeing 3 pics of my scoot in Bear's article!

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