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ChopCult supports as many grass roots events as possible throughout the year. Some events have grown into national events, but the main attraction is still the same; bikes, good people, good times, and more bikes! It’s our duty to help small events gain momentum within the industry. Without them, we’d be stuck at rallies, feeling like outsiders. Events like Just Kickers, Tar Ball Run, Giddy Up Texas, and The Violation Tour welcome us with open arms and provide a sense of community. We might ride in as strangers but we always leave with new friendships in tow. ChopCult also believes in supporting events that serve a purpose like the Heroes Run. Best friends, Joe Davenport and Justin Spears, took it upon themselves to create a run that would help raise awareness and funds for Conner’s Heroes, a charity that works with families of children with cancer in Richmond, VA. We absolutely love when our community pulls together to benefit others.




Cold nights in a garage in Richmond, Virginia must spark good ideas. Some time in December, I was with Justin Spears in his garage working on my Sportster chop when I told him I wanted to organize a charity event. He said something along the lines of, “oh yeah?” and we went back to wrenching and grinding on what would ultimately become my current ride. Roughly a couple weeks went by when I was back in his garage and said it again, “I think I want to do a charity event.” This time Justin said, “Word. I’m in.”

I knew that I wanted to do something that I love, riding motorcycles, and combine it with a local charity. I discovered Connor’s Heroes in Richmond, Virginia, a charity that works with local families who have children with cancer. They help ease the cancer treatment process by providing things like overnight bags, baby strollers, and gas cards to the families. So, we organized a ride and event and called it “Heroes Run.”

Within 15 minutes, we had support from Katy at Lowbrow Customs. Steffan, from Zombie Performance, jumped on board by the end of the evening as well. Biltwell, Speed Merchant, ChopCult, Fulton Paint Works, and Richmond Harley Davidson also joined in over the next few days. We had the generous sponsorship that we needed to make this a great event. After weeks of meetings, organizing, constantly communicating, and promoting on social media, the day of the event arrived. It started off early with setting up for the after-party and it didn’t take long before we heard the roar of exhaust pouring into the parking lot. It felt like the movie Field of Dreams. We had built it and they were coming. Before long, there were 20, then 30, then over 50 bikes lined up ready to ride. We rounded everybody up and took off into the countryside, riding through the Virginia back roads for roughly 50 miles. Once we were back, it was time to chill, have some beers and raffle off the $1,500 worth of prizes. Several fellow 33ers were on site and many won prizes, including gift cards from Lowbrow and Biltwell, and a couple sets of handlebars from Zombie Performance.

The afternoon’s grand prize was the frisco sportster tank painted by Fred Pinckard of Fulton Paint Works. Fred really outdid himself with a banging paint job. After raising almost $7,000, the time had come and the winner couldn’t have been more appropriate for the prize: the Sons of the South.



The Sons of the South are a motorcycle family that spends their weekends riding in charity events. That’s all they do. They came to our event and were awesome in every way that older dudes who have been riding bikes for years are awesome. They blocked intersections, they looked out for other riders, and they had an awesome attitude. One of their members had worked with Connor’s Heroes in the past, so it all made sense. The prize tank is going to go on a tribute bike that they are building to commemorate one of their fallen brothers. They have his ashes in small containers latched to their vests and belts and they spread those ashes every time they ride.

Overall, it was a fun day. We met some rad people, saw some cool bikes, and drank a few cold ones. We also laid the groundwork for next year’s follow up event, which we hope to be bigger and better. Thanks to all the sponsors that made this event as good as it was. Thanks to our wives, Jae K and Carla, for the support and help from start to finish. Keep an eye out for next year’s Heroes Run and keep your knees in the breeze.


Joe Davenport


Photos by Mick Anders




To learn more about this great event, please give Heores Run a follow on Instagram and Facebook. Big thanks to #33 members Joe@Bobbylabeat, and Justin, @Wizardsbane, for stepping up and helping their own community. We look forward to the second Heroes Run!


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Commented on 11-3-2014 At 11:00 am

Flat out awesome work. Its also amazing how many site sponsors put their money where their mouth is.

Commented on 11-3-2014 At 11:20 am

Thank you so much Lisa! We appreciate the feature and look forward to next year! Without you we wouldn't have been as successful, that's a fact! To all the 33er's that made it, thanks again! It was awesome meeting all of you and be on the lookout for some details for next year. Thanks again!!

Commented on 11-3-2014 At 11:39 am

Thanks again Lisa! You helped us a ton from start to finish. Can't wait for next year! Thanks CC and 33's!


Commented on 11-3-2014 At 04:30 pm

You guys absolutely killed it for an inaugural run, looking forward to next year for sure!

Commented on 11-5-2014 At 08:08 pm

Nice work, Gents. Biltwell is glad to be a part of it.

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