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The 2013 El Diablo Run was the fifth time nutjobs on old motorcycles have decided to descend into Mexico and have a party. Much has been written about previous runs, the first of which was done in 2006. The neat thing about the EDR is that it's different for everyone; for wide-eyed noobs it can be an exotic adventure and for old salts it's like a family reunion. The route and schedule was essentially the same as past runs with a slight change for the better between Temecula and San Felipe. After two nights of reveling on the beach in San Felipe, rodeo games, Circle of Death race and Coctagon, everyone loaded up and crossed the rugged peninsula of Baja California. It's only about 150-ish miles, but that stretch can be a bastard. Maybe it's the hangovers? We joke that the exchange rate for mileage is about two for one; Mexican miles are about twice as tough as American miles. Potholes, big trucks, no shoulders, sporadic gas – it's the atmosphere of semi-controlled chaos that makes it fun. Once in Ensenada, it was a different level of party time and everyone got a shower and a bed since we stayed in hotels. Awards were given out for Best in Show (tongue in cheek since there is no "show"), Hard Ass and Cockroach. Much of what happened in Ensenada can not be discussed in public. Two nights of that, and everyone rode home with scars that may never heal.


Photos by Elvis Castillo


We estimate about 350-400 riders attended, and for such a big turn out and it was one of the smoothest events to date. Mellow vibes, lots of good old bikes, and plenty of harmless tomfoolery added up to make 2013 one of the best El Diablo Runs so far. We're going to skip 2014 and bring it back again in 2015. It's tough for everyone to get off work every year for it, and we've got other trips we wanna do. Making it an every-other-year deal makes it a little harder to take for granted too.


Here's a few videos from the event....

EDR 5 2013 by Lady Hump Films


NSC Invades El Diablo Run Coctagon


Circle of Death - El Diablo Run 2013 by Jay McBride 


El Diablo Run 2013 by Bolts Action


Check out the EDR thread for way more photos


Please support EDR sponsors and keep up to date on future runs here: 


See you in '15 Amigos!

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Commented on 6-17-2013 At 12:42 pm

Cool photography, great job.
The "smaller" dude on the bottom from the EDR 'octagon' should had slipped his left leg outta guard and rolled to the over... LOL...
Looked like fun!!!

Commented on 6-17-2013 At 02:38 pm

Great shots! Yes, it was a killer EDR! Nice job and the desert gas stop was so fucking cool. Thanks to the dude and chicks who sat out there and juiced everyone up.

Commented on 6-18-2013 At 05:04 am

Looked like a great trip. Awesome shots Elvis, nice work brother.

Commented on 6-18-2013 At 07:07 am

So much fun! RSVP yes for 2015! I'm already starting on EDR6 passport wallets!! hahaha

Commented on 6-18-2013 At 10:44 am

That was the most fun I've had in Mexico! Killer pics, Elvis!

I even found a decapitated hammer head shark head on the beach... In olde Mexico, anything goes!

2015, here I come!

Commented on 6-18-2013 At 06:02 pm

Glad everyone enjoyed the photos. All you crazy bastards made it pretty easy to capture some great ones.


Take care all... and I hope to see you all at Born Free!!

Commented on 6-18-2013 At 09:58 pm

i was bummed i didnt get to see any bikes pass through el centro. i was looking forward to hanging out in calexico for a while. el centro sucks...

Commented on 6-19-2013 At 09:09 am

I will go to one of these...

Commented on 6-19-2013 At 07:59 pm

Looks like it would have been a great run years ago. With the current situation in Mexico (government is no longer the only ones out of control) I don't think I'll be travelling there anytime in the near future. How bout a run to Canada?

Commented on 6-19-2013 At 09:48 pm

Haha ^^ Looks like it was a pretty great run this year!

Commented on 6-21-2013 At 02:12 pm

Thanks for shooting a picture of me Elvis c. 1st picture of the bunch , foot loose eating bugs..

Commented on 6-21-2013 At 02:19 pm

It was chill , not what i thought it was going to be like. dont belive the hipe that ride was cake and ice cream, I have done harder rides just going up north. Best part was san felipe by far, ensenada was a crap hole , fast pace city with grime x 12.

Commented on 6-21-2013 At 02:54 pm

Hey! That circle track is going the wrong way!

Commented on 6-21-2013 At 05:30 pm

Coma, we do that for two reasons: to make it tougher to do and it keeps open belts out of the dirt. (Even though, I think all these guys had enclosed primaries this year.)

Commented on 6-21-2013 At 08:21 pm

Is Grantman for real? Traveling to Mexico is fine...don't try to score a brick of Heroin and everything will be ok. I can't wait to go back!!!

Commented on 6-23-2013 At 12:13 am

Had to work, missed it again.

Commented on 6-26-2013 At 11:45 am

@ ridemoor...then what's the point...haha. JK, I would love to ride the diablo if I were on the west coast.

Commented on 8-18-2013 At 05:37 pm

What a great run, with awesome people...I just need to remember to bring more tools!

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