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Flynn Bryant is the in house videographer for Biltwell Inc. He's also the son of Bill, co-owner of Biltwell Inc., and Carrie Bryant. If you've seen Biltwell’s social media lately, you’ve noticed new videos going up about monthly. This is the end result of Flynn’s relentless hustle videoing events like Born-Free and motorcycle rides curated by Biltwell staff. Flynn was determined to ride to and from the El Diablo Run and needed his own bike. So, 90 days before the EDR, Bill and Flynn began tearing down this Sporty, which took exactly 85 days to complete. Father and son wrenching side by side is what every Dad longs for. Flynn had less than five days to get acquainted with the bike and riding in a pack. Needless to say, coming from generations of riders, Flynn handled the whole EDR without any hassles. Speaking to him afterwards, you can tell this young man is hooked and will be enjoying the ride for a long time.


Photography by Jay Cagney



How did it feel building this bike with your Dad? I didn’t know much about motorcycles or even Harleys in general when we started. So, it was really nice to have someone with a decent amount of experience helping me out and looking over my shoulder to make sure I was doing everything right. I think that the combination of his skills and my style is what makes us such a good bike-building team.


Did he make you build the bike or was he more hands on? We built the bike together. Every time we worked on the bike, both of us were there doing our part. He did most of the welding and I did most of the dirty work, like cleaning and painting the motor, or sanding the frame.



How long have you have you been on two wheels? I have been riding dirt bikes and BMX bikes since I was little and riding on the street since 2013.


How was riding to Mexico? Riding to Mexico was one of the best experiences of my life. There is no better feeling than building a bike with your dad and then riding it next to him through hundreds of miles of Mexican roads.


Would you do the EDR again? Hopefully, I will be building choppers and riding them places for the rest of my life.



Owner name/location: Flynn Bryant / Murrieta, CA

Engine/ year and make/ model: 1994 H-D sportster with 1200 s&s kit



Frame: HD Sportster / Haifley bros hard tail

Front end: Sportster S model

Chassis mods: Me and my dad cut the stock frame in half and welded on the Haifley Bros Hard Tail Kit



Favorite thing about this bike: Paint Job by Matt Ross Custom paint

Other mods/cool parts: Dual Front Tokiko Brake calipers with Speed Merchant mounts

Next Mod: Custom leather seat



Building or riding story: This is my first chopper, me and my dad Bill Bryant started this project 90 days before EDR and it took us 85 days to turn a stock ugly sportster into the baby making machine you see today… and it made to and from the EDR with no problems

Thanks to: Bill Bryant, Mcgoo, Mike D Elis, Temecula Motorcycle Service, Matt Ross, and the Haifley Brothers



I would like to thank Jay Cagney and Flynn for taking time out of the El Diablo Run to complete this photo shoot.


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Commented on 9-28-2015 At 08:01 pm

Such a clean chopper that is all business. Great to you all grown up and hitting the road with your pops, Flynn.

Commented on 9-28-2015 At 08:48 pm

This isn't another story about another guy building another show bike for Born-free. This is a great write up about a father and son building a sweet chopper so they can ride into Mexico and ride and ride and ride. Great job Flynn and Bill. You to Lisa! This made my day, totally inspired.

Commented on 9-29-2015 At 06:07 am

great read I plan to do the EDR next time around on my chop . glad this was not another hipster my friends built me a evo sporty read . father son choppin fuck yes

Commented on 9-30-2015 At 07:30 am

Life goals right here.

Commented on 10-1-2015 At 06:21 am

Is there a build thread on Flynn's sportster? I dig the bike and the story.

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