Flatiron Mike's Mule 2.0


The mantra at Flatironmike Customworks is simple. "Build. Ride. Repeat." Mike Camillo did just that with his original Mule way back in 2003, then debuted that machine to a global audience on EDR I in the spring of '06. With its mutated mill and softail frame Mule 1.0 was a polarizing beast, and several keyboard commandos said as much on boards and blog feeds. Not one to suffer the absurdity of Internet abuse lightly, FIM hunkered down in his Connecticut garage and ruminated on Mule 2.0. 

What’s the reason for making the switch to the Mule v2.0? After four complete ground-up builds, I still had the bug. I keep refining my work to the "less is more" aesthetic.  Paint? Nah. Chrome? Nah. Minimal? Uh huh. If these builds don’t have it, you don’t need it. The original Mule will be restored in time, but, for now, this tall, lanky, lane-splittin’ machine with a bit of dirt track hubris is the way to go for me.


Builder: Flatironmike

Make and model, motor: 93” FHP knuckle top/S&S shovel bottom hybrid with Mikuni HSR42 carb and Zippers nosecone electronic ignition

Year, make, model frame/front end: Stock H-D ’58 panhead swingarm frame and stock ’78  H-D Super Glide fork

Front wheel and tire make/model/size: 19” stock H-D Super Glide wheel with 19" x 4.00" Avon tire

Rear wheel and tire make/model/size: 19” V-Twin repop star hub wheel with 19" x 4.00" Avon tire

Transmission: Baker 6-into-4 case with overdrive (0.86:1 final)

Primary drive: Rivera Engineering Primo 2” open belt and Pro clutch

Custom fabbed parts by FIM: Chopped Sportster gas tank, lane splitter handlebars and risers, seat pan and leatherwork, custom exhaust, shift lever and knob, battery box, remote front juice brake set-up

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Commented on 10-4-2010 At 06:42 am

Wow that's a very nice bare bones bobber.

Commented on 10-4-2010 At 07:13 am

Wow! is the werd for the day....Great!

Commented on 10-4-2010 At 07:17 am

ive been waiting to see pics of this bike for awhile. megarad!

Commented on 10-4-2010 At 07:40 am

Keeping the New England garage builder dream alive. I love it!

Commented on 10-4-2010 At 07:47 am

Dude, thats a killer bike!!!

Commented on 10-4-2010 At 08:38 am

Awesome, I have never seen one thing that came out of this shop that I DIDN'T like.

Commented on 10-4-2010 At 09:13 am

Simple, functional & tasteful, very cool as usual for Mike.

Commented on 10-4-2010 At 09:32 am

Alma para la vida!

Commented on 10-4-2010 At 09:48 am

stunning bike , he has a nice tattoo as well . . . go figure .

Commented on 10-4-2010 At 09:53 am

Will we see it at EDR 2011???

Commented on 10-4-2010 At 10:19 am

killer swing arm i love the bare bones look and you nailed it.

Commented on 10-4-2010 At 10:27 am

I fell in love with this bike the first time I saw it. Beautiful bike!

Commented on 10-4-2010 At 11:45 am

nice michine

Commented on 10-4-2010 At 01:14 pm

As always FIM nails it.

Commented on 10-4-2010 At 02:30 pm

Best part of this bike is how fast it goes. Mike has no qualms about 75 MPH cruising speeds. A real beauty too. Keep them coming FIM!

Commented on 10-4-2010 At 02:52 pm

Bloody Solid! shit hot

Commented on 10-4-2010 At 04:27 pm

That is one smokin hot bare bones machine, congrats.

Commented on 10-4-2010 At 05:51 pm

Very nice!!

Commented on 10-5-2010 At 06:24 am

I hope there is not a version 3.0 because this bike is perfection!!!

Commented on 10-5-2010 At 09:43 am

I like the back fender, beautiful bike.

Commented on 10-5-2010 At 12:42 pm

That is one swingin' swingarm. Gives me inspiration for next build, a 76 fxe. WELL DONE!

Commented on 10-5-2010 At 02:20 pm

thanks very much for all the good words and kudos to McGoo and the '33'.

i will 'endeavor to persevere'


Commented on 10-5-2010 At 06:38 pm

i can't wait to see this bike in person this weekend!

Commented on 10-5-2010 At 07:02 pm

OOOOOWFFFFF! not even sure what to say, nice write up great pics

Commented on 10-6-2010 At 01:56 pm

Rode along side that bike a # of times and it does move, keep up the nice work Mike.

Commented on 10-6-2010 At 07:29 pm

where's the laundry mat?

Commented on 10-8-2010 At 04:45 am

i dont care what anyone on the internet says...i like the knuckle top end on
the evo. what ever works right. nice job.

Commented on 10-13-2010 At 06:30 am

If this is 2.0, Version 3.0 has alot to top. Good blend, ride that puppy

Commented on 10-13-2010 At 07:45 am

Looking forward to seeing that 2.0 around the fair nutmeg state...

Commented on 10-13-2010 At 09:46 pm

Definitely one of my favorite bikes. Great work!

Commented on 11-28-2010 At 05:09 am

Loved the shape of the fuel tank, mate.
Skinny and classy sh*t!

Commented on 1-27-2011 At 09:01 pm

This bike just might be perfect..

Commented on 1-27-2011 At 09:02 pm

This bike just might be perfect..

Commented on 4-17-2011 At 05:49 am

TITS!!!!!!!! need I say more?????????

Commented on 10-8-2014 At 07:12 pm

Sweet Ride Mike

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