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For most motorcycle enthusiasts there’s a certain style of bike they are drawn to, whether it’s American, British or Japanese. I walk the center line and normally become intrigued with a motorcycle by its finer aspects. The small additions to the motorcycle that takes it from stock to custom, from the custom paint job to the insane exhaust. Nothing’s better than walking up to a motorcycle and enjoying the trip that only the owner has experienced. Most people will say they should have done this or that, but that’s what makes this industry interesting. We could be riding around in the same blue Pinto but what a boring world that would be. Attention to detail is key and we’re lucky enough to have Jessie Stopnik focus on some of the custom parts during the recent David Mann Chopperfest. We hope this feature will bring you the inspiration to tear down your ride and make it your own.



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Commented on 2-18-2014 At 09:05 am

Enjoyed that, thanks for taking the time to post those!

Commented on 2-18-2014 At 09:30 am

Love that heart sissy bar! It has to kill all the guys that are super tuff and gnarly!

Commented on 2-18-2014 At 04:00 pm



Commented on 2-18-2014 At 06:36 pm

x2 on the hearty bar, and that ball peen hammer is fine too. Thanks for this one...

Commented on 2-19-2014 At 06:43 am

really nice pics... Just got caught by my boss drooling, and not working....haha

Commented on 2-19-2014 At 07:36 am

sweet jammin

Commented on 2-20-2014 At 08:43 am

That gold Shovel is it!!

Commented on 2-24-2014 At 12:11 pm

The creativity involved never ceases to amaze me.

Commented on 2-26-2014 At 05:53 pm


Commented on 3-11-2014 At 07:41 am

some rad work goin on out there for sure...

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