Event Coverage: Brooklyn Invitational


For many of us, especially in the northeast, September means buckling down for the winter months ahead. But it also means it’s time for the Brooklyn Invitational. Once again, we lucked out with great riding weather. It made for a perfect setting for the show, inside and out.



If you’ve ever attended the Invitational, you know that the bikes on the streets surrounding Root Studio are an extension of the fine builds inside. With other events held in the same neighborhood that weekend, the number and variety of bikes seemed larger than usual. Since it is always so well attended, the Invitational provides a great time to catch up with old pals from across the country and make new ones. Keino, Jessica, John, and Jeffrey organized a great event with builds of all types, showing us a wider variety than we have seen in the past. The event also featured live music most of the day, tattoo artists cranking it out, and a handful of vendors.



Be sure to check out Brooklyn Invitational's website and Instagram for updates.






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Commented on 12-17-2015 At 11:32 am

any info on the bike with the FOAD rocker boxes? builder?

Commented on 12-17-2015 At 11:37 am

Oliver Jones is the builder, and I believe Wompy did that incredible machine work on the rocker boxes.

Commented on 12-17-2015 At 11:38 am

My cousin Oliver Jones. The Cute Rate. He built that for this years Born Free.

Commented on 12-17-2015 At 11:41 am

thanks guys. Bike is effin sweet

Commented on 12-17-2015 At 11:42 am

Also, those rocker boxes have clear plexiglass on top so you can see the rockers in action. A very awesome piece of work.

Commented on 12-18-2015 At 03:28 am

Eh,ain't the same since the Queensboro m/c left and the cops stated their special brand of "security". Show inside isn't even worth going in. Stay on the street. It's still better than nothing but it ain't what it used to be.

Commented on 12-18-2015 At 09:40 am

Totally agree 47 . Cool bikes as usual and fun till the highway cops have to start checking everything out on your bike and hoping your bike don't get impounded. For no turn signals ,inspection . Suiside shifter no mirrors no horn no working brake lights and bald tires all that good shit kind of ruining it for the chopper seen just was able to get one of my chops on the road due to money issues and now had to worry about them taking it away from me . But overall cool as hell some crazy builds great art and great ideas!

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